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What is a RANGES (GAS) in Nigeria?

A Ranges is the name given to a specific geological formation that contains oil or gas. The particular geographical term 'Ranges' was coined by British Petroleum (BP) and Shell geologists who explored for oil and gas in Nigeria between 1925 and 1940. This gave rise to their expression, "Agbami Field Area, near Agbara Village in Ijero Chiefdom". Agbara refers to the fact that this area is part of Igbo Olomu kingdom. On 80th anniversary of its discovery last month (October 2015), members of the community were happy to be presented with an obelisk as a monument at Orukpe Junction marking its significance as a centennial celebration .


Ranges is a geographical term given to areas of land that contains oil and gas. Ranges is usually based on the physical appearance and terrain of the area. Members of the community were happy to be presented with an obelisk as a monument at Orukpe Junction marking its significance as a centennial celebration . The location where the discovery was made by Shell geologists is not far from Ijero-Ekiti, which is part of Igbo Olomu kingdom.

Benefits of buying a RANGES (GAS) on

The major benefits of buying a Ranges are as follows:

-Ranges is an opportunity to own your first piece of property.

-It can be used for further development and farming purposes.

-Businesses and commercial establishments can be established on the land.

-Real Estate Investments such as selling or leasing it out for commercial means or constructing houses or office buildings, etc. If you’re looking for a place to invest in Nigeria, you should try Ranges. According to geologists , Ranges is one of the most promising areas in Nigeria with high chances of oil discovery .

Reasons why you should buy a RANGES (GAS) on

There are many reasons why you should buy a Ranges.

-You will have your own piece of land to build on, with the necessary infrastructure already in place for quick development.

-It’s easier to get Loans when buying a Ranges .

-The chances of selling or leasing it out for commercial means are high due to the large population in Nigeria.

-The fast rate at which things are moving in Nigeria makes it perfect for investment purposes A good example is when Shell geologists discovered oil near Ijero Ekiti back in 1938, people bought lands there and later made lots of money when oil was discovered .

How do I maintain a RANGES (GAS) in Nigeria?

There are many ways to maintain a Ranges.

-Once you have bought the plot , contact the local government for necessary approvals and permits for building and other utilities.

-Ensure that proper road network is introduced to your plot so as to fasten transportation of goods and services .

-The land title should be handled by an expert especially if you are taking out a loan .


Oil and gas reserves are found all over the world, but there's no better place to invest than in a Ranges. Ranging can refer both physical appearance or terrain of area - it doesn't have anything do with your opinion on whether you think they're ugly! The major benefits include owning one’s first piece property; being able to use them for further development such as farming purposes if desired by owners who own multiple ranges within close proximity (which may be important because most Nigerians want access not just from their home range); establishing businesses that generate income from renting out commercial space available at higher ground levels above homes during rainy seasons when flooding forces people away.