Gas Cylinders in Nigeria

With ease, you can purchase anything online in Nigeria with Jiji, including gas cylinders. Most homes have opted to make use of gas burners for cooking, which require gas cylinders. On Jiji, you can find different sizes of gas cylinders for sale at cheap prices, whether it is a used or new one. It is very efficient and convenient to use, but then, you also have to take precautions when it comes to using a filled gas cylinder on your property. Here are some safety tips to follow when you purchase a gas cylinder:

  • Ensure that the area is adequately ventilated. It is not advisable to use a gas cylinder in an enclosed or confined space.
  • Before setting up the cylinder, read through the instructions manual if it is a new one or ask for directions from the vendor if it is a used one.
  • Be cautious not to connect or disconnect the cylinder near an exposed flame as this can lead to fire hazards.
  • Do not make use of the gas in very windy environments.
  • Always store the cylinder in a cool, dry place away from any form of flames and heat.
  • Do not make use of counterfeit hoses for the gas. When buying, get a tube that is recommended for the cylinder to avoid gas leaks in the future.
  • Before turning on the gas, check that all the connections are tight, and there is no external gas leak.
  • To check for gas leaks, you can turn on the gas cylinder and use a spray bottle or brush and simply coat the gas connections with soapy water. If you notice any form of bubbles, then it means that there is a gas leak in that particular area.
  • If you notice a gas leak, turn off the valve immediately to avoid the spread of gas. Leaks are usually caused when there is damage to the hose, the O-ring on the gas head is missing, the gas regulator is cracked or damaged, or connection is not tight enough.
  • Check all these before turning on the gas cylinder again.
How to Transport a Gas Cylinder

When it comes to transporting a gas cylinder, you also need to take precautionary steps. Transporting a cylinder in a closed vehicle can pose safety risks. Always carry the gas cylinder in an open car as cylinders have been known to explode even with the lids adequately sealed.

When transporting your gas cylinder, ensure that the lid is sealed correctly, and the cylinder is in a standing or upright position and not lying flat. You can make use of a strap to secure the cylinder in a moving vehicle.

You can enjoy shopping on Jiji. Always check the item before making any form of payment to potential vendors.

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