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What is a PORTABLE FOOD STEAMERS in Nigeria?

PORTABLE FOOD STEAMERS in Nigeria is the process of steaming foodstuffs using a PORTABLE FOOD STEAMER. This equipment can be put to various uses, depending on the design and accessories (such as racks for holding containers) included in the basic machine. A portable food steamer's primary function is to allow people to cook food without having to use oil or water when cooking, hence resulting in lower fat contents in meals cooked with this alternative way of boiling or frying foods. {Write more about Portable Food Steamers here

The advantage of using the PORTABLE FOOD STEAMER over conventional ways of cooking foods includes: shorter time needed for preparing meals; no need to defrost frozen.


PORTABLE FOOD STEAMER is a kitchen equipment that allows you to steam foodstuffs without having to use water or oil. Its primary function is to allow users the reduce the fat content of cooked foods while still enjoying steamed dishes. There are many types of PORTABLE FOOD STEAMERS on Jiji from different manufacturers from different countries. You can buy them at affordable prices and they won't strain your bank balance. You can also sell your used PORTABLE FOOD STEAMERS with ease on Jiji and make some good cash in return for it.

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How do I maintain a PORTABLE FOOD STEAMERS in Nigeria?

Portable food steamers are the best way to cook healthy, delicious meals on-the go. But make sure you take care of your steamer after every use with these simple cleaning tips! First wipe down any dirt or loose particles off of its outer surface using water and soap before washing it in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes (or until all stains come out). If there was anything left inside like residue from burned oil then soak that too; just mix 1 part white vinegar into 9 parts boiling liquid—fill up both pots if needed). Once everything has been cleaned well dry thoroughly & apply light amounts oil at bottom


In conclusion, a Portable Food Steamer is a kitchen equipment designed to allow people cook without having to use oil or water. It's primary function is to reduce the fat content of cooked food while still providing the ease of cooking with steam. You can buy one on Jiji at an affordable price and sell your used ones as well. They are easy to maintain and your best bet for this year!