Chest and Deep Freezers in Nigeria

Getting a deep freezer is not a necessity for most individuals, but in some cases, it cannot be avoided. When the need for a deep freezer arises, you can easily visit Jiji and get yourself one. I can be a new or used freezer, all depending on your budget and preference. You can get different sizes of deep freezers from small to large ones at cheap prices on Jiji. Shopping online in Nigeria has just been made easy. Here are some things to consider before buying a deep freezer:

Type of Freezer

There are two basic types of freezers, the chest type or the upright type. By searching for what you want, you can find listings that fit the description of what you are in the market for. Upright freezers usually have doors and look like a standard refrigerator, and it can be easy to organize as it contains shelves for your items.


On Jiji, you can find various sizes of freezers from small freezers of about 5 - 6 cubic feet to large fridges of about 20 cubic feet. You need to know the extent that is convenient for you and if it can fit into space already allocated to it. You can visualize the size of the freezer and the space allocated, but to be on the safer side, you can manually measure both. The size of the freezer also impacts the price of the product, so when shopping, you should also consider your budget before deciding on a scale to go with.

Energy Consumption

Freezers, over the years, have been made to be more energy efficient. With Jiji, you can compare different appliances and their energy efficiency. Depending on the type of freezer you purchase and how you make use of it will determine the amount of energy that it will consume.

Extra Features

Deep freezers usually come with extra features that make them unique. Some highlights include; safety locks, interior lights, quick-freeze control feature, alarm for high temperature, draining channels, and even defrost functions. All these can make individual freezers unique. When shopping, you can compare the different appliances shown to you and pick the one that has the feature you require.


When you have selected the freezer, you also need to consider how to transport it to your home. Will, the dealer, be able to shoulder the means of delivery, or will you? When the freezer arrives at your building, will it be able to pass through doors or hallways? These are questions you need to answer before you finalize the payment on any size of the deep freezer.

Shop carefree with Jiji today and have everything at the tip of your fingers.

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