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Gates in Nigeria

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Gates in Nigeria

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Gates in Nigeria

A gate is a point of entry to or from a space enclosed by walls. It prevents or controls the entry or exit of individuals. It can also be used as merely decorative. The moving part or parts of a gateway may be considered as "doors" because they are fixed at one side while at the same time opening and closing like one.

It is considered a doorway to any enclosed area, and it also acts as a boundary to the external world. It gives you control of who you allow and who you restrict into your zone.

In general terms, it is more like an exterior door. A gate may have a fastening that can be lowered or raised to open a gate and also prevent it from swinging. It can also have locks to increase the security of your area.

Some Types of Gates

There are numerous and various types available in the market. Each of them is made with different materials like iron, steel, wood, aluminum, etc. Here are some basic types of gate operating models with their characteristics:

  • Swing Type

Just like the name, they operate in a swing fashion, with the help of har secured to a wall. They are ideal for areas with wide-open space and they come with one or two doors.

  • Slide Type

These types are for homes with space restrictions. They move in a horizontal direction on a bottom track. They move softly and effortlessly using a pair of wheels and they come in various designs.

  • Fold Type

These are perfect for entrance with a rough ground surface. They are made with a set of doors joined and folded into each other.

  • Automatic Type

Here are the types of a gate that reduce manual intervention. By connecting motors and sensors on any of these types, you can get them to open and close on their own.

How To Select The Perfect Gate For Your Home?

  • Know the structure of your home.

  • Know what you are looking for from a gate, it can be numerous reasons.

  • Know the materials that you would want your gate to be made with and your budget.

  • Know the style in which you would want your gate to be.

After doing these, be mindful of the design it would come in because the design is as important as the other things to take into considerations. Here are some designs you might love to try out:

  1. Double gate design

This is a gate that comes with two doors. The doors can be operated individually or together. You can hold one of the doors to the ground using a lock and then choose to keep one of them in use. It is a suitable gate for pedestrians or vehicles.

  1. Aluminum gate

This is a lightweight material that can be easily formed or shaped into creative designs. Even though it has a delicate look, the material is quite hard and strong to destroy.

  1. Iron gate design

This type of design involves the use of one of the strongest metals ever known to mankind, which is iron. It has a dominant strength and can not be destroyed. When you choose this design, you would have peace of mind because you can rest assured that no one can intrude on your property.

  1. Wrought iron gate

This is a heavy metal gate that lasts for a few decades. It has a long life span and it also adds an olden days charm to your external space.

And so many more...

Importance Of Gates

Apart from giving access in or out of a home, they are also used for other uses, they are:

  • They are used to prevent you and your family from criminals. It lowers the chances of thieves breaking into your home. By this, it secures your home.

  • It prevents animals from straying into your home and also prevents strangers from entering your home at any point in time. This guarantees your privacy.

  • It increases your property value. A building with a gate looks more valuable and expensive to potential buyers.

  • It gives the exterior part of your home a beautiful outlook.

How To Get Gates In Nigeria

Worrying about where you can find durable gates that are made with quality materials? Worry no more. Just head on to Jiji and choose from various types that are available for sale.