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Penis Enlargement in Nigeria

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Increasing the size of your erect phallus is a great way to make yourself feel better about what you're working with. If there's one thing that will always remain small in comparison, it’s when we have an over-sized penis! There are many ways for men who want more length or width on their manhood without necessarily going under surgery; try stretching exercises and taking supplements like zinc phosphate - they work really well together because this helps improve blood flow while also boosting protein synthesis which both help enlarge cavernous tissues responsible for producing MORE tissue growth hormone (also known as "HGH"). The author has made some attempts at making his penises longer by using these simple methods--and if nothing else works out then surgical intervention.

Enlargement Processes

There's been a lot of talk lately about penises and shoe size. Some studies have suggested that the bigger your feet, the longer your coochie will be on average - so you might as well get those high heels strutting because it could help stretch things out for better sex! But this doesn't mean every man with large shoes automatically has an elephantine fact according to another study 5 medium-sized men can expect their schlongs would measure up around 12 inches long while smaller guys may only see 11 inchs or less from end goal here is really more about finding what works best within yourself first before trying anything else outside boundaries without exploration leading towards self discovery.

Causes of Penile Shortening

In the medical world, there are many conditions which can cause penile shortening. Patients who have had radical prostatectomy often experience a short penis as well since it is an isolated area that has been removed from their body in some cases with no replacement or compensation for size lost during surgery . In addition to cancer patients and those going through RRP's drastic measures , Peyronie's disease may also lead you down this path if left untreated too long before being treated by specialists so keep up on your treatment plan! There have been several studies done examining how much shorter allografts were compared to host tissue after groinhendric artery bypasses (GAB) where they found evidence suggesting erectile dysfunction might actually be another risk factor involved.

Penile Girth Enhancement

In 2002, a paper was published by Austoni et al. The researchers reported on the 39 patients who had elective penile augmentation surgery to correct hypoplasia or functional penis dysmorphophobia in men with normal organs but still desired an enlargement because of altered perception (dysmorhphia) causing issues both functionally and aesthetically for them. 27-28 This procedure is carried out using saphenous vein grafts which make incisions into tunica albuginea; this tissue contains collagen thats responsible for providing rigidity so without it we would have floppy flaccid penises like eunuchs! The procedure was carried out by using a saphenous vein graft. Incisions were made in the tunica albuginea from an artery, and it only took 13 hours for full recovery!


Another surgical technique for increasing the size of a man's penis is "enhancement" through injection. This has significant risks, such as uneven appearance and patient satisfaction not being assured. However what many people don't know about this procedure are its limitations - mainly that there natural variation in size due to age or weight gain can make him seem small even though it may be normal!

The downsides with surgery include uncertain results along with an unrealistic outlook on how fast things will improve after going under anesthesia . A better alternative might just involve some healthy exercise alongside reducing calories from unnecessary foods like sugar which often contribute extra pounds.