Neem oil is pressed from seeds and pulp of the same-named fruit, which is endemic to Indian subcontinent. Depending on the technology of processing, the final product can be different in color - from golden yellow to bright red or even brown with green shade. Similarly to the variety in colors, neem oil is known for usis in multiple spheres. Ayurvedic medicine introduced neem oil as a cure for fever, malaria, and even tuberculosis. Different remedies include neem oil as antiseptic, parasitice, contraceptive etc. It is one of the most common biopesticides in organic farming, which prevents damages from the wide variety of insects and worms without affecting harvest taste or quality. Neem oil is also used in beauty purposes, and no wonder: it protects skin from external influences and aging, fights eczema and fungal infections, moisturises skin, helps to get rid of pigmentation, strengthens hair and destroys lice, helps to get rid of splits and benefits hair growth.

Neem Oil in Nigeria

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