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Facial Treatment in Nigeria

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A facial treatment is the cosmetic procedure of care for the face, neck, and central chest area. The goal of a facial treatment is to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, treat and rejuvenate the skin on one's face. Facial treatments are performed by an aesthetician for various reasons including but not limited to:

1. Skin turnover/sloughing off old cells allowing new ones to grow in their place.

2. Prevention of acne breakouts or reduction of blemishes that have already appeared with extractions if necessary3. Reduction of pore size through the removal of blackheads4 Skin resurfacing with chemical peels5 Stimulation of collagen production.



An "organic facial" is a treatment that thoroughly cleanses the face and neck, removing all makeup from the pores. It also includes a deep pore cleansing, which extracts blackheads and dead skin cells from the pores. An organic facial is perfect for acne-prone skin as it helps to restore balance in oil production and reduce the appearance of large pores with regular exfoliation. Organic facials provide visible improvements to acne scars, fine lines and pigmentation by increasing circulation with a blend of powerful active ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, green tea extract and vitamins B3 & C among others. Our customized organic facial focuses on your specific concerns leaving your skin smooth.

Benefits of buying a FACIAL TREATMENT(ORGANIC) on

Benefits of buying a FACIAL TREATMENT(ORGANIC) on;

While organic facials are great internal, topical treatments for your skin, you can take it one step further by doing regular professional treatments to help keep your skin looking young and fresh longer. There are many benefits to getting regular facials. Not only does it keep your skin looking healthy, but it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent sun damage. With the vast variety of service options offered at salons, choosing which ones will benefit you most can be difficult when searching for facial treatment in Nigeria on the web. However when using Jiji there is no need to wonder.

Reasons why you should buy a FACIAL TREATMENT(ORGANIC) on

Reasons why you should buy a FACIAL TREATMENT(ORGANIC) on;

1. You will get the best organic facial treatment at affordable price in Nigeria.

2. Choose from hundreds of exciting offers and discounts to save money while shopping.

3. Sell all that extra stuff simply by posting an ad or a classifieds listing.

4 . Get cash for your old items by selling them as used.

5 . You can even start a new business with our help.

6 . Buying and selling has never been this easy.

7 . Our services are almost 100% free.

8 . We also have special interest groups where can meet like minded individuals.

How do I maintain a FACIAL TREATMENT(ORGANIC) in Nigeria?

Most organic facials last up to an hour and can be done either at home or at a salon depending on the treatment that is being used. When getting facial treatments your skin should be cleansed before any chemical or physical procedures are applied. Afterward, it's important to apply sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage while also applying moisturizer to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. During and after facials it's common for people not to use certain products such as Retin A, benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid because they could interfere with other chemicals used during the facial treatment.


Facial treatments done at home or by a professional can be beneficial to the skin and maintaining them is simple. After any deep pore cleansing, always moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen throughout the year. If you want to save time, go for facial treatments that only take 30 minutes such as steam cleaning or aloe vera application. It's important to know which chemical procedures are best for your skin type so you don't damage it with products that could potentially cause irritation. To avoid any confusion about what kind of organic facial treatment will benefit you most it's wise to consult a dermatologist and learn more about the individual ingredients that could help balance out oil production and rejuvenate skin health.