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Granite is not simply another kind of rock or building material. Where someone sees granular phaneritic stones, the others notice great opportunities for creativity and numerous practical advantages. The word comes from Latin and means “grain” - grains of a big rock. Curiously, granite is usually found as massive tough rock, lacking any form and structure, but it has been used as one of the basic building materials for centuries! Just Imagine how skilled masters should be to deal with this kind of material, which starts melting at 1250 degrees and then is reduced under water pressure. Luckily, those hard days are long gone, and everything you need to do now is to order granite in a form of stones or marble. On this page, you can find both, and even much more: blue, blue pearl, wavy sea, black, imperial red and other colors of granite, samples from Italian manufacturers, popular all over the globe. Sounds like the right time for renovations, doesn’t it?

Granite in Nigeria

Types: Granite 418 Tiles 2017 144 Slabs 75 Sand 25 Sharp Sand 6 Cement 3
marble 265 stone 23 quality 23 kitchen 17 italy 15 blue 9 black 6 white 4 gold 3 counter 3
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