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What is a ACER CHROME BOOKS in Nigeria?

Acer is a Taiwanese manufacturer of computers and other electronic items. It's brand new in Nigeria but have been around for a while now. Acer made its entry to the Nigerian market with an official launch event in April 2012 at the Transcorp Hilton hotel, Abuja. At this launch there were a lot of high end gadgets like Ultrabooks, Desktops, Convertibles (e.g., ThinkPad X1 Hybrid) and Chromebooks. Following that trend Acer launched their own Chromebooks sometime in September 2012 through their local dealer/distributor called MacComms Tech-link limited which has offices in different parts of including Lagos and Abuja. The Chromebooks were launched at the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos.

Acer Chromebook comes with pre-loaded applications that are quick to boot up and fast to use. Everything on a Acer Chromebook happens via the web browser. Google's Chrome OS is essentially an operating system built around their Chrome browser so you are always online filling functions of traditional PC software like email, word processing, calendar etc using your Gmail account or another Google service online. You can also access files from other services like Dropbox too through the Chrome web app store which makes it easy to work on documents offline later once they're uploaded between devices.


There are lots of Acer Chromebooks on ranging from Aspire One Cloudbook to the Acer C720 and even the very cheap ACER CHROMEBOOK C710-2314 which is a Google powered laptop for about #40,000 Naira. But if you're lookingfor a more expensive one with a good storage capacity then the Acer C720 would be your best bet going by its price tag of #65,000 Naira. Unlike most notebooks, Acer Chromebook runs web-based apps and integrated cloud storage. This makes it a lightweight device which boots up quickly and ensures great speed with no interruption from disks or memory cards.

Benefits of buying a ACER CHROME BOOKS on

Since Acer Chromebooks are Google powered laptops you get all the benefits of having a laptop that runs on the Google Chrome Operating System including its applications. You also get to enjoy free 100GB storage space on cloud for two years which is usually charged by other service providers. The overall price tag of these Chromebooks makes them one of the cheapest laptops out there in Nigeria today mainly because they have very low prices compared to other products in the same category.

Reasons why you should buy a ACER CHROME BOOKS on

1. They are very affordable with some starting at #39,500 Naira (As of September 2013).

2. You get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years; this is usually charged on other cloud services providers.

3. Acer Chromebooks are fast and responsive due to their solid state drive that boots up in less than ten seconds.

4. With the Acer C720 laptop you can get about 6 hours of battery life without any power saving features enabled, thanks to its Intel Celeron 2955U Processor.

5. They have nice HD displays with touchscreens for added usability.

How do I maintain a ACER CHROME BOOKS in Nigeria?

Maintaining an Acer Chromebook is pretty simple. All you have to do it make sure you charge the Chromebook when the power runs low, but don't leave it charging overnight because this will slow down its battery life in future. Also, you should always ensure that your Acer Chromebook is free of malware by using anti-virus software or simply backing up data to Google Drive regularly. You can also manage all the related settings through the Acer Access panel. When it comes to upgrading your storage you can do so by adding an external SD card.


Though Acer Chromebooks are not as popular as other laptops out there in Nigeria, but they remain decent computers at affordable prices. You can buy any of Acer Chromebooks on and get it delivered to almost all parts of Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt..