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Watercraft are also known as water vessels, and they are vehicles used on water like submarines, ships, ferries, hovercraft, etc., and they either come with a sail, paddle, engines, or oar. So they are not devices that float but machines.

Historically, water vehicles started with wooden boats that people with paddles or poles heaved about 6000 years ago. Time went on, and varieties of engineered machinery came into the picture. Then we started having those with a marine steam engine and inter combustion engine that uses petrol, diesel, and liquid natural gas.

During those years, owning a vessel is equivalent to owning a city. They were so expensive and rare that they were always specially made for either business tycoons or the whole of the community's use.

However, the current technology development has made watercraft something that people can afford. They are now cheaper, renewable, and less polluting sources. They are as well available in all shapes and sizes.


  • Boats: They are large vessels but smaller than ships. They are basically for transportation by water, and they are fast, too. They can be used as an ambulance, for fishing or day cruising, and water sports. They come in varieties as we have aluminum fishing, bay, cabin cruiser, and many more. If you are interested in getting any of your choices, you can check them out on Jiji to choose from the available options.

  • Canoe: This is one of the lightest vessels, widely used for racing, whitewater, recreation, festivals, and competitions. If you are a type that travels a lot or prefers traveling by sea, the expedition canoe is a good recommendation as it is built for long trips and can accommodate heavy loads. For games and sports, you can go for the recreational canoe as it is designed to be maneuverable, easy to control, and steady. Three or more paddlers can manage them.

  • Yacht: This type of vessel is beautiful and primarily used for cruising, pleasure, and racing. They come with a cabin with different amenities, and they can be used overnight. We have the yacht in various types as we have the cruiser used for parties and recreational activities. There are also sports cruiser yacht, expedition yacht, and so on.

Who are they meant for?

  • Business tycoons who buy their supplies bulk can get any vessel to transport their goods for safety and durability purposes.

  • Marine sports organizers can as well get powerboats for their sporting activities and competitions.

  • Marine sports lovers can as well get themselves a product for practice and their contests.

  • Any water lover can get any watercraft product for sightseeing, relaxation, cruising, and parties.

Advantages of owning one

  • It gives you an avenue to spend quality time with your family. Having a boat cruise with your kids and wife will provide the joy and the opportunity to explore nature.

  • It is a safer means of transporting your products as there won't be issues of theft or crash as seen in other means of transportation.

  • They are durable and quite affordable.


In as much as they are spectacular, they come with some cons, which are that;

  • It has limited usage because they are not products you use every day, and most watercraft products can only be used during a good climate condition.

  • They are pretty expensive, and they are also not easy to maintain.

These vehicles are built to serve you and relieve you of stress. If you consider getting one of these products, you can always check Jiji to choose from the available ones made available for you.

Log on to Jiji to get yours NOW!

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