Video Games in Nigeria


Video games have undoubtedly become part and parcel of our lives as they are one of the best entertainment mediums used to pass time, especially for the male gender.

They can also be called digital or computer games and they are designed for entertainment. Some involve interaction with input devices like keyboards, controllers, joystick, etc., to generate visual feedback.

They came into existence in 1947 through Thomas T Goldsmith Jr's invention of the cathode-ray tube amusement device. And by the 1970 and 1980s, they came into the limelight as they reached mainstream popularity.

From pong to tic-tac-toe to a gunfight, space race, tank, and rest, those were the games that won millions of people's hearts in the 80s,90s even with the fact that it might be stressful.

However, the most significant evolution has fallen on gaming. The video games we have now come with quality graphics, more fun, advanced, and a better storyline. This development has made the gaming experience enjoyable, refreshing, and thrilling.


Gaming is often misunderstood and tagged as a waste of time, but little do people know that the advantages of gaming cannot be over-emphasized.

A study has proven that gaming is one of the best physical therapy and is even recommendable for patients with disabilities and stroke victims. It is also a form of exercise that enhances the gray matter in the brain and helps boost brain connectivity.

It was also shown in a study that they boost mood and help in relieving stress. It is also an exciting and fun way of learning as we have some that are based on improving the reading and math skills of kids. We also have games on students' topics in politics, world history, cooking, fashion, and other relevant issues.

One of the most fantastic benefits is that it inspires you and motivates you to be more persistent, discipline, time conscious, and goal-driven.

When gaming, you either win or keep trying till you learn and reach your goal. Gaming can also teach one to be a great problem solver, and it improves your mental health.


Even though it is relaxing and fun at the same time, it has dramatically affected this recent generation greatly as it encourages violence through its war and action types. It has made children socially inactive and isolated as they are so engrossed that they don't have time for other activities.

Despite their entertainment pros, it is also suitable to say that they have also turned several individuals into addicts. Some of them can be at it for hours with engaging in any physical activities.

And lack of physical activities is at the detriment of one's health as it can lead to postural defects, obesity, and more. It also made people vulnerable to bad influences due to the kind of activities they have subjected themselves to.

Studies and numerous researches and study work have shown that gaming has both negative and positive effects. Although the cons might be problematic, the adverse effects can be curbed with appropriate supervision and self-discipline.

Nevertheless, gaming is thrilling and adventurous. And, it is essential to note that adults, both male, and female can also enjoy gaming. So, if you are interested in getting video games for yourself in Nigeria, you can check on Jiji to see the numerous types available in store for you.

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