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A short-let property is one that can be rented for a few weeks to many months. It can be for any property, from studio apartments to bungalows to ten-bedroom duplexes. Bills are frequently included in the rent for short-term rentals.

They are not very common in Nigeria because just a few individuals are aware of them, and only a few property owners are ready to participate. This could, however, be due to a lack of knowledge about the benefits. But there are a few reasons why brief-stay are so popular around the world.

In this article, you would know more about the benefits, costs, and how to find this accommodation type in Nigeria.

Who are they for?

There are various reasons why someone might decide to take on a temporal rental rather than a longer-term lease. Some may stay in the area for a few months due to work obligations, while others may require housing while awaiting property acquisition.

Another emerging trend is for people to take out temporal rentals while they work on their existing homes. People are renovating their houses at an increasing rate, leaving them without useable kitchens and bathrooms for long periods.

Renting a home for the length of the project is a great option that is far less expensive than putting the family up in a hotel!

When it comes to hotels, tourism is now playing a role in this area of the real estate market. Anyone travelling for more than a fortnight will likely save money by renting a small apartment rather than staying in a hotel.

As a result, in pricey locations like Lagos and Abuja, temporary rentals are frequently the best option.

What are short-let benefits?

When you consider who typically takes up more than a fortnight lease, you can see the advantages this segment of the rental market provides to some tenants. They make financial sense in many instances while being more expensive than their longer-term counterparts.

They also offer some flexibility for individuals who are just in town for a brief period, but there are other benefits

When compared to most hotels, these rentals provide more privacy and space, and you'll also feel more at ease than when staying in a sterile and bland hotel room. These are vital considerations, particularly for people seeking a location to entertain family, friends, and co-workers, as well as a place to stay.


On the other hand, these temporal accommodations are not all profits and freedom; they need a lot more effort than long-term rentals.

To begin with, properties that are rented for a brief period are typically offered completely furnished with all utilities included, leaving landlords to arrange for furniture and pay for utilities that may be incurred from the property even when they have not been in use.

Its tenancy also comes with a higher risk of wear and tear, as renters are less likely to take good care of a home they're only renting for a few months, so you'll need to budget extra time and money for check-ins and check-outs, repairs, and cleaning.

How to get your short-let accommodation?

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