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Construction items are any material or thing that can be used for erection or building purposes. They typically include wood, concrete, steel, cement, aggregates, bricks, clay, metal, etc.

In recent times, engineers had learned to mix and match different materials to develop higher quality material than in ancient times when structures were built out of raw brick, wood, or straw. Many artificial materials came out later and are used to build eco-friendly houses.

Entirely, building supplies can be used to establish quality structures. However, that largely depends on how they are used by project managers and field engineers who need to evaluate the material their project requires carefully.

Importance of selecting the correct construction materials

The reason is pretty straightforward. The proper building materials have a crucial role in the impact on the quality of the structure. No matter how competent a structural team is, if the materials are cheap and below standard, the building may not see many days and most likely have recurring problems.

Unfortunately, the choice of the proper structural materials is frequently neglected. Usually, expenses play a significant role in selecting materials to be used. Many project planners are inclined to cut corners and not use the required supplies and materials for the project.

Different repair and construction items

Below is a list of structural materials widely available in Nigeria. If you are looking to buy any of them, you can check out those for sale on Jiji. They include;

  • Timber Planks.

  • Sandcrete Blocks.

  • Reinforcement Rods.

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

  • Granite.

  • Boulders.

  • Gravel.

  • Bamboo.

  • Aluminium Roofing sheets.

  • Zinc.

  • Paints for finishing.

  • Tiles.

  • Sharp Sand.

  • Laterite.

  • Mix-Mud.

Repair tools

Maintaining your home is no small job. Many things can go wrong at any given time. That is why being ready to fix an issue when it comes up should be your priority, at least till a professional show up. Essential tools for home patch-ups include:

  • Hammer - Almost everything begins with this tool. The use of this repair tool cannot be overstated. It's just necessary.

  • Combination pliers - This tool comes next after the hammer. It is versatile and helpful in performing simple tasks such as tightening bolts, removing screws, and cutting wire.

  • As its name implies, Vice grips are suitable for holding things in place while you work. By adjusting the screw end, vice grips can keep in place anything that fits.

  • Needle-nose pliers - These pliers are pretty valuable, especially with electrical work or when you have to reach a tight spot.

  • Screwdriver set - This doesn't have to be a lot. Just a few different sizes of Phillips and flathead screwdrivers will do.

  • Tape measure - For taking measurements in different situations. Ideally, one that measures up to 16-feet.

  • Utility knife - This is a handy tool for all of your precision-cutting needs.

  • A power drill - While this is not a hand tool, it is convenient power equipment for a quick patch-up. A small, low-voltage electric drill can be suitable.

  • Tapes and hardware like electrical tapes, plumber tapes, duct tape, screws, and nails also prove to be a helpful buy in your tools box.

The choice of construction materials largely influences the success of a building project. They can make a significant difference in your project, so you need to ensure you analyze which materials and equipment will work best for the project when planning.

Jiji has a wide range of these items for sale. You can choose which of the various options will suit your building needs.

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