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Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB-C to USB-C) Type C to Type C

Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB-C to USB-C) Type C to Type C

Lagos, Magodo
Brand New
USB type C - USB type C
Cable Type
Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB-C to USB-C), 40Gbps Data Transfer/ 100W 5A Charging/ 5K Type-C Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and 2, MacBook, Dell, Alienware 17, Chromebook,Hub More HP 0.7M Thunderbolt 3 Cable 0.45 m (1.5 ft) 4K video support High bit depth audio Power delivery up to 100W - Charging Deliver up to 40Gbps to or from a Thunderbolt 3 enabled port Thunderbolt USB-C 3 cable compatible with all Thunderbolt 3 devices and backward compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and 2, Compatible with all Thunderbolt 3 & USB C gadget like Ethernet adapter, USB hub, Docking Station,eGPU, PCI-E, Razer Core and Windows DELL XPS15, Pixelbook, Macbook pro thunderbolt,hdmi,vga,displayport,thunderbolt,displayport,hdmi adapter,thunderbolt 3,displayport to hdmi,jumia,konga,jiji,vga to hdmi converter,usb to hdmi adapter,hdmi to vga converter,hdmi converter,av to hdmi converter,usb to hdmi cable,vga to hdmi cable,hdmi to usb converter,microsoft basic display adapter
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