Houses & Apartments for Sale in Nigeria

Houses available of which you can trust are in well-recognized areas and admired for their beauty and classy environment. However, there is no way you will mention fabulous residential areas and Jiji would not come to mind.

They are in well-developed areas, safe and habitable for single tenants or families, and are among one of the best places in the country to live in because of their elegance and unique public and private building in the area. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting late to work or find it challenging to get the things you need; everything you need is just an inch away. 

Jiji is also a very wonderous place to be if in search of a family home and have a fulfilled and peaceful life as the environment is relaxed and pleasant.

Are you planning on relocating but don’t know the best place to reside in the country? Do you wish to live in a comfortable, secure, and serene environment? Then, there is no need to worry as  Jiji is available to provide you with the best houses and apartments available.

Some of the available options for you on Jiji

Part of these fantastic options of accommodation that Jiji has in store for you is a properly constructed and classy three-bedroom flat. It is well furnished with adequate security, lovely kitchen cabinets, a well-set dining table, electricity, standard television, air conditioner, a POP ceiling which is beautified with a breathtaking chandelier alongside other necessary house facilities.

You could also get a newly built five-bedroom detached duplex at Wuye with a constant power supply. All rooms are en-suite, alongside kitchen shelves and cabinets, dishwasher, microwave, water heaters in the bathrooms, air conditioning system, and a balcony that allows you to view the city. 

The house also has a Wi-Fi connection with large rooms, elevators, a study room, 2 family lounges located on the first and second floor, a CCTV camera for security, and the road leading to this apartment is smooth and motorable.

If you are also considering buying a place that you can use as office space for your business, then an office space is available at a wide range of places across the country stretching from north to east and west.

A simple 2-bedroom flat is also available with essential features like a living room, 2 decent bedrooms with two bathrooms—all to give you a simple yet comfortable feel.

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