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Volkswagen Golf is the third best-selling car in the world. During 30 first months of production, over a million of cars rolled off the production line, letting the company join the list leading car manufacturers in Europe. During years, the company produced over 17 million of Volkswagen Golf cars of three generations. The name is translated from German as “people’s car”, and it is really one. With this vehicle, you get ultimate comfort, all necessary features and specifications, and pleasant driving experience in a wide range of conditions. As evidenced by statistical data, more than 70% of Volkswagen Golf owners change their old cars to newer Volkswagens, and is there better proof of the fact that vehicle is worth buying than positive feedback from owners? Volkswagen was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer, which came to the USA. Today, you can find Volkswagen Golf in 150 countries of the world. Luckily, Nigeria is on the list.

All you need to become an owner of a great pre-owned Volkswagen is to scroll down and choose the one you like the most.

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