Toyota Hilux in Nigeria

Toyota Hilux review in Nigeria

Compact pickup Toyota Hilux is on the market for quite a long time. The production started in 1968. The first generation had small wheel base, the rear wheel drive and the gasoline 1.5-l engine. With every next generation (there was seven of them), Hilux kept impressing even the most demanding users.

Hilux is the first car ever to be tested on the North Pole. The model of the latest generation became a hero of Top Gear TV show. Thanks to precise and hard work of Japanese engineers, who managed to modify the car engine so that it could cope with very low temperatures, this car can impress anyone – from an average user to… well, a polar bear. Cars are equipped with high capacity, an additional 90-liter tank and the winches fore and aft.

  • Toyota Hilux features

If you can’t wait to discover Hilux to the smallest details, you should still have some things to think about. Before buying this car, pay attention to the following moments. Glovebox is not illuminated, so you’ll have to switch on the interior lighting. There is no slow rhythm in work of the windscreen wipers. Radiator grill is with large slots. However, everything mentioned above doesn’t change the fact that these vehicles are the best for impassibility. Hilux doesn’t recognize impassability. In general, it leaves only positive impressions. If you need simply a reliable car that can get you wherever you want despite the road quality, Toyota Hilux is the best choice.

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