Nissan Sunny in Nigeria

Nissan Sunny review in Nigeria

Nissan Sunny is a car with a long and complicated history. And by saying that we really mean it. It has been produced since 1966, and lasted till 2004 in the country of a rising sun. However, it didn’t mean the end of the Sunny model. Naïve enough, it can be compared to setting and rising sun. Though the production stopped in Japan, it was renewed in 2010 by introducing new series of vehicles – Sunny B17, also known as Versa. Meanwhile, the classic model that started from Nissan Datsun in 1966 is still produced for African and American markets and Shi-Lanka, and it is quite popular there. The latest models are known in Americas by their other names – Pulsar and Almera. Interestingly, “Sunny” name was used for numerous models, even those that aren’t a part of B series.

The first car produced for export was available in two body modifications – a 2-door sedan and a universal. This model was characterized by impressive specifications and four kinds of engines as an option. Besides, interior kitting and design was also offered in several variants. At the beginning of the 90s, Nissan Sunny experienced several stages of modernization. Among the most distinctive changes, we should admit new powerful fuel engine, new back headlamps and additional exterior restyling. Sunny became identical to European vehicles – Almera, in particular. During 5 years in the 90s, Nissan Sunny was produced as a sport 3-door hatchback with a turbo engine and an increased power compared to previous models.

Nissan Sunny Features

Nissan Sunny is a budget-friendly car with descent choice of engines and spacious passenger compartment. However, the “budget” tag has indicated lesser comfort, while design remains attractive and sophisticated. Speaking about media, Sunny has got a modern LCD audio system with all necessary connectivity features.

Where To Buy Nissan Sunny?

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