Mitsubishi Spacerunner in Nigeria

Buying a car is a big decision as well as an expensive one. In Nigeria today, most individuals opt to buy a used car as the popularly known tokunbo car rather than a brand new one because why not? Why spend a lot of money to get a brand new Mitsubishi Space runner for a cheaper price. If you are looking for a reliable place to buy a car, then Jiji is your best bet. You can input your specifications using the filter tool and adjust the results shown to you for sale. Each listing is displayed with how much they cost so you can find and pick one that falls within your budget range. Here is a list of things to consider before you go shopping for a tokunbo vehicle:

Investigate the Vehicle Identification Number

The V.I.N is an exceptionally confirming thing for you as purchasing a trade-in vehicle. It will show you the vehicle's past of experiences. So remember to approach the dealer for the V.I.N.


Having a planned budget before making any expensive decision helps with your finances. You should plan out how much you are willing to spend to purchase the automobile, the insurance to cover it, and for miscellaneous, in case you need to get new parts for the vehicle. You should research and have a general idea of the current price in the market. You should know how much both the new and the tokunbo version cost. Knowing the price will help when it comes to bargaining on the final price as it can be a tricky feat. You can also ask friends or family members who have bought a tokunbo car in the past for tips on bargaining.


Have you ever asked why a few models are more famous than others? They are better, more outstanding quality, and appropriate for a more significant number of individuals. So picking a most loved vehicle model to purchase is not an impractical notion if you would prefer not to possess a one of a kind vehicle.

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