Land Rover Defender in Nigeria

  • Land Rover Defender review in Nigeria

The first generation of Land Rover Defender dates back to the 1950s. This off-road machine underwent a redesign only more than half a century later. Just as decades ago, today's Defender features a mechanical and simple engineering made to the highest quality level. Preserving all the traditional exterior highlights that the model used to have seventy years ago, now, too the car is made for extreme off-road riding rather than showing off on Broadway street. With circular headlamps on the huge steel box, the exterior design of Land Rover Defender is finished. The same refers the interior design - it is simply absent! And no one can detract the model for it. Here you won't find any leather or suede upholstery, hi-tech infotainment system or heated/cooled seats. No LED lights or colored accents decorate the salon. With the Defender, you get maximum simplicity paired with maximum functionality. And this feels right with this model! However, the marque took into account that time brings useful innovations with it, and equipped the four-wheel-drive Defender with traction control, ABS, electronic front windows, and heavy duty suspension.

The engine type (2.2-liter diesel outputting 265 lb-ft and 120 hp), as well as the gearbox (6-speed automatic), are standard for both the short (Defender 90) and the long (Defender 110) machines. The longer variant features a tank for 75 liters, whilst the tank of the short one holds 50 liters. The top speed of the Defender is 90mph and it accelerates 0-60mph in 17 seconds.

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