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A compact cube-shaped crossover Honda Element had been manufactured by Honda during 8 years, between 2003 and 2011. The official sales started in 2003 in the Northern America and Japan. The model was constructed on the basis of Honda CR-V, but it was distinctive by a completely different design concept and had a shape of cube. In the USA, Honda is recognized as a popular brand, preferred equally by elderly and young people, males and females.

Honda Element seems to be a car you are driving to rest. Cars of this model are comfortable for both everyday rides and long-distance trips. Element’s owners admit that their vehicles are comfortable for rides with pets and for driving for an active outdoor rest. Honda Element is reliable and doesn’t often need additional services. You can be sure: there won’t be any problems with its maintenance.

One more positive feature is the car’s low fuel consumption while riding both in the city and in the off-road conditions. Interior is upholstered by an easy cleaning water-repellent materials. It is not afraid of mud, sand, or a spilled drinks. The car has several variants of interior's transformation to meet a wide variety of requirements. Front seats can be folded, as well as rear individual seats with an adjustable backrest. If you add up all four seats, you get something like a big bed. According to the manufacturer, Honda Element can provide 60 options for transforming the interior.

Honda Element features

What about disadvantages? Maybe, the typical doors can puzzle new owners, as one can’t open the rear without opening the front. Passableness is a bit influenced by low location of the gas tank, and a noise insulation could be better.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t overweight all advantages. That’s why so many people in Nigeria choose Honda Element. If you want to get one for yourself, do it with Jiji. Here you’ll find up-to-date suggestions by just clicking on a proper link or tag. Thanks to Jiji, Nigeria knows what comfortable rides and comfortable shopping are about!

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