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What is a BABY TOWELS in Nigeria?

A baby towel is a small, thin towel used by parents to dry their babies after bathing or nappy changing. They are typically larger than the towels used on infants but smaller than those used by adults. Some are decorated with animals, cartoon characters, embroidery, lace trimmings and colourful stripes. In recent years they have also been given more adult-looking designs such as floral prints, polka dots and paisley patterns to appeal to adults too. Baby towels can be made from terry cloth, velour or a blend of cotton and bamboo rayon. Terry cotton towels are thicker and absorbent while velour towels tend to be lighter weight and more water repellent due to the texture of their pile which makes them feel softer against the skin. The texture of terry-cloth towels is more coarse than velour, making them more suitable for drying dishes, cars and pets.


On, you can find quality and low-cost Baby Towels for your baby at a better price than the cost of importing from the outside. This includes cotton towels and luxurious towel sets with hoods. Whether you're looking for bath towels, hand towels or washcloths, you'll always get great prices on top brands as well as local manufacturers like Lemnos and Babies R Us at Jiji Nigeria Shopping Platform . Read reviews by real people - about their shopping experiences and items they bought...the good news is; there's no 'shopping cart' required to make an order!

Benefits of buying a BABY TOWELS on

When you buy a baby towels,you get to have your baby use it for about 6 months or more unlike the one you are buying from outside where your baby will be done with it in 2 weeks. Another benefit is that babies grow very fast and they will quickly outgrow their towels. If you buy locally made baby towels, they come cheaper than those imported ones and they can last as long as possible before your baby outgrows them. With, we also give our customers free delivery nationwide on all order of Baby Towels and other items so there's no need for buyers to stress over picking up or courier cost.

Reasons why you should buy a BABY TOWELS on

- It's cheaper than the one you are buying from outside.

- We deliver nation wide for free.

- You get quality materials like cotton which is healthy for your baby.

- Baby Towels on Jiji go through strict vetting process before they come to our platform, this assures buyers of the best products in the market when it comes to baby care items.

- You get to read genuine reviews from our buyers and users of the product.

How do I maintain a BABY TOWELS in Nigeria?

The right way to maintain your Baby Towels is by washing them frequently following manufacturer's instructions. At Jiji , we advise that you wash your baby towels at least once every other day or after two days if not soiled/used to prevent mildew or bacteria build up which can make your baby sick. Also, it will keep your Baby Towels in good shape and smelling fresh.


The humble baby towels have been a pivotal part of child care and parents wouldn't make do without them at all. Many also use them for purposes beyond towel drying the baby after their bath - they are frequently used to pad changing mats, as nursing covers or as burping cloths after feeding the baby. In Nigeria, you can buy an original quality Baby Towels from Jiji for your little one at a very good price which makes it easier on the pocket. Buying online is easy and free from stress unlike those from outside where you spend a lot of money buying transportation to pick up your item and pay for delivery on top of that so save yourself some stress today by shopping on

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