Land & Plots for Sale in Abuja (FCT) State

Shop online from the comfort of your homes with Jiji. Are you looking for a plot of land for sale in Abuja? Well, your search is over, as Jiji can bring you multiple options of properties for sale just by inputting your specifications. With Jiji, you are guaranteed only the best when it comes to shopping online. Here are some guidelines to consider when in the market for a plot of land in Abuja:

Know The Boundaries

Before you finalize the payment on any plot of land, you should be aware of the boundaries of both your estate and surrounding parcels, so you do not overstep when you begin construction. You should also be mindful of the zones as various districts have strict regulations pertaining to the zoning of properties, for example, which area is meant for residential buildings or warehouses and so on. Check that the zone you are about to purchase does not have plans to build a shopping complex, which can affect your daily life with the increased activity in your environment.

Basic Utility

You should consider how to get a basic amenity like water. The water source for the plot of land is significant. Unless you are prepared to collect rainwater, then you need to check the parcel if it will be feasible to drill a borehole or not. So before finalizing payment on a plot of land, ask questions as you do not want a property without access to essential utilities like water. Having a river or dam on your property can also add to the aesthetic beauty of the land when it is developed.

The climate of The Environment

You need to know the climate of the area and consider how it can affect any future constructions on the plot of land. For example, houses in hot regions can differ from homes in cold regions when it comes to insulating the property. The climate also plays a role in the type of plants and vegetables that can thrive in the area.

When you get in contact with the dealer, you can settle on the price of the land before you view the property. Have an idea of how much land in the area cost before you begin to bargain with the owner. Shop safe and stress-free with Jiji.

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