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Imagine a scene where you need to secretly record footage but your phone, camera, and recorder will give you away. What you need is a discreet and harmless accessory that would leave no one with questions. The spy glasses are what you need.

With this device, you can capture the world's standpoint. If it is to record the day-to-day transaction, crime scenes or you want to capture your adventure, this is for you!

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Spy glasses are often unisex frames with a video camera inserted in the frame at eye level, usually between the lenses, for hands-free recording. Sound can be picked up from several feet away with the help of an accompanying microphone. There are no visible switches to start or stop the camera, ensuring that it records without provoking suspicion.

By touching a discrete strip along the frame arm, users can begin recording. The gadget model determines how the recording is confirmed. Only the user is aware of the recording in some models, which include an indicator light on the inside of the frame. Other spy camera glasses are designed to vibrate as soon as the recording begins. They are always time and date stamps all recorded footage to prove them as proper evidence.

The footage saves in a miniSD card and it is accessible from one of the glasses' arms. The memory card is compatible with both Mac operating and windows. You can use a card recorder to get footage from the glasses and play on the computer. These glasses also have a USB charging port at the folding of one of the arms.

Types of spy glasses spy cameras in Nigeria

  • Spy camera reading glasses: this type has clear lenses and they look like normal reading glasses. They are the most unobtrusive type.

  • HD spy glasses: this type can record high-quality video and their images and audio are very clear. They include the 1080p spy glasses and 720p spy glasses.

  • Bluetooth spy camera glasses: they have a lot of mouth-watering features. You can answer calls using your phone's Bluetooth connection. Some models include earbuds that can be used to listen to music. The frames, on the other hand, are not as thin as ordinary spy glasses, and the switches and earbuds reveal the espionage capabilities.

  • Spy camera sunglasses: they are like sunglasses and are tinted. They work effectively under the sun and give users a classy secret agent look.

  • Touch technology spycam glasses: they are the most advanced. Unlike other spy glasses, instead of pressing on a strip on the arm, you just tap the glasses and it starts recording.

  • Outdoor sports camera spy glasses: they are used outside and are very similar to sunglasses. They have polarized lenses which are lenses that can cut down the glare and give protection to the eyes.

  • Attachable camera spy glasses — These glasses have a camera that is attached to the frame from the outside. Although the user can record films and snap high-quality photos with these spy glasses, they are not as discrete as those with built-in cameras.

Features of You Should Look At For

  • the in-built microphone that has a noise-cancellation technology

  • A camera lens that is unnoticed and undetectable to the untrained eye.

  • A high-quality HD camera

  • Ones with low-light recording abilities

  • Strong battery life span

  • Ones that support SD cards of at least 32G

Advantages of Spy Glasses Spy Cameras In Nigeria

  • They provide the user with a clear shot of the targeted image. This is because the camera is located between the lenses.

  • They are lightweight and have a risk-free solution for recording discreetly.

  • When it comes to keeping expensive objects safe, you can never be too vigilant. Spycam glasses can keep track of who is intruding into your territory and provide significant video evidence.

Disadvantages of Spy Glasses Spy Cameras In Nigeria

  • One of the disadvantages of this device is the invasion of privacy. And if spy glasses in the wrong hands can exploit sensitive personal and private places.

  • With this device, it is simple to record and distribute sensitive videos. Choosing to report a crime rather than speak against has moral, ethical, and legal ramifications.

  • This device also has limited views as the camera can only record what the user can see. It can't record anything that isn't visible through the camera lens.

Where to get your Spy Glasses Spy Cameras?

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