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What is an ETHERNET CCTV CAMERAS in Nigeria?

A CCTV is a closed circuit television system in which signals, in the form of light waves, are sent from a transmitting camera to receiving equipment for monitoring. It allows video cameras to be connected using cables so they can send and receive data from each other without having to connect them through a host computer - this way you get pure image quality without the software overhead usually associated with IP based systems.

Let's take an example of an ethernet CCTV camera for example. In this case when you have more than one camera what you need is more of a network switch (like cat5e/cat6) which will assist in adding multiple devices at one go. A simple node ID assignment ensures that all your cameras are uniquely identified.


Ethernet cameras on are very affordable and can be used in homes as well as offices for security purposes. This is a smart way of monitoring your premises since nothing is better than using one's own eyes to monitor things. It's cost effective, simple to use and the best part is you don't have to buy those expensive CCTV installation services from outside firms. You can do it yourself with a little bit of technical know how of your camera system, ethernet cables and networking skills. A five minute job will ensure you protect your home or office better!

Benefits of buying a ETHERNET CCTV CAMERAS on

The best part about buying an ethernet CCTV camera on is that you can monitor your premises at the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you are since it doesn't require a PC to connect through although one can do it if they don't have WiFi internet connection available. You also get to save a few coins for not having to buy expensive installation services from outside vendors who could charge more than double for this simple task...

Reasons why you should buy a ETHERNET CCTV CAMERAS on

Here are some reasons why you should buy an ethernet CCTV camera on

1) You don't need a PC to connect it to, all you need is a WiFi network and your smartphone or laptop do the rest

2) It's very cost effective especially when compared to installation services from outside vendors

3) It offers great ease of use for security purposes in offices and homes

4) With ethernet cables there's no signal loss unlike IP cameras

5) You get pure image quality without any software overhead usually associated with IP based systems.

How do I maintain an ETHERNET CCTV CAMERAS in Nigeria?

If you want to know how to maintain your ethernet CCTV cameras, here are some quick steps you can follow:

1) Change the batteries regularly especially if it's wireless.

2) Keep them clean and free from dust

3) Clean lenses regularly with a cloth or cotton

4) Verify status indicator lights on camera

5) Make sure that password/user name is not disclosed

6) Store devices in dust free environment

7) Check for power disconnections

8) Ensure data stored on hard drive is secure

9) Periodically check for updates

10).Update firmware regularly

11).Monitor performance of system


Ethernet cameras have become very popular in Nigeria these days. They are cost effective, easy to install and use to monitor your homes, offices or even business premises for security purposes. When compared to IP cameras they don't require extra software installations nor any PC based connection which is the best part about them especially when you are not tech savvy or have limited access to PCs. You can also connect multiple devices at one go with the help of switches so if you plan on adding more than three devices...