Washing machines were created to help people especially housewives with their everyday laundry. One simply can't imagine today's life without them. Perhaps every famous electronics company produces washing machines massively as they know the machines will be quickly sold out. The competition among these companies brings up the reduction of price and a great variety of options to choose among. Simply look through the diversity of washing machines in Nigeria that Jiji.ng offers to its customers all around the country and you'll be amazed! The production of such outstanding brand names as LG, Samsung, Bosch, Imex, Sharp, Haier Thermocool, Ariston, Beko, Scanfrost, and many others are all represented here. And what is also especially attractive to the customers is the ability to purchase washing machines after having negotiated the most attractive for them price, which is possible only on Jiji.ng! The reason is that the greatest part of the offers are made by the private sellers!

Washing Machines in Nigeria

Most individuals these days are ditching the traditional methods of handwashing for washing machines. With a washing machine, you can wash more laundry at a faster pace with little to no stress. If you are looking for where to buy a washing machine today, you can visit Jiji and browse through various vendors and select the brand that fits into your already fixed budget. You can decide to buy a brand new one or a used one from Jiji, all depending on your preference and the one you can afford. Here are some ways to maintain your washing machine to prevent it from getting spoilt.

Check The Hose

Every month, you should take note to inspect the hose. Carefully check along the hose to make sure that it is not damaged at any point. If it is beginning to look worn out, then it is best to change it to avoid any form of emergency when doing your laundry.

Do Not Overload The Machine

There are times where you might be in a hurry to do your laundry; that does not mean you should overload the machine. Overloading the laundry machine can cause the device to break down faster. The laundry might not come out adequately cleaned because there was hardly any space for the machine to work due to the overload. Overloading will be a waste of time and resources, so it is best not to overtax the device even though we might be in a hurry.

Utilize The Right Detergent

Some washing machines come with specific types of detergent to use, for example, either powder or liquid detergent. Using the right detergent for the device will prevent the engine from breaking down, not long after you buy it. Also, take note not to use too much detergent in the space provided, especially when using powdered detergent. When you use too much-powdered detergent, the machine might find it hard to move the detergent from that compartment to where it is needed to wash. The residue that the detergent leaves behind can build up and cause the washer to break down. Also, when making use of liquid detergent, you should go through the user manual to know the right amount to measure for each set of a load.

Regularly Clean The Machine

The fact that it is a washing machine does not mean it does not have to be cleaned regularly. Every month or two, take time out to clean the washing machine. You can do this by running an empty set with a measured amount of white vinegar. Halfway into the wash time, add detergent into the machine to complete the full wash. Doing this regularly will prevent any unpleasant odor that can seep into your laundry and keep the device.

There are different types of washing machines in Jiji. You can find the ones with washer and dryer combined or separated. Depending on your preference or budget, you can choose between the two types.

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