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Immigration Services in Nigeria

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Immigration Services In Nigeria

Immigration is the movement of people to a country of which they are not citizens or where they do not possess their citizenship. They are moving so that they would be permanent residents there.

Seasonal labor immigration is also used if people are going there because they have one or two things to do there. It can either be for tourist reasons, educational reasons and so many more.

Immigration Service was therefore set up for immigrants and migrants of those In and outside a country for ease and safe travels. Keep on reading to know more about the different services they render.

Immigration Services In Nigeria Offers The Following To You

  • One of the major functions of the Immigration Service in Nigeria is that they issue visas to Nigerians to travel out and inside of Nigeria. They issue different types of visas such as student visas, tourist visas, business visas, etc to intending visitors too.

  • They have an emergency travel certificate. The Nigeria Immigration Service missions overseas are charged with the duty of issuing emergency travel certificates to any bonafide Nigerians that lost his or her international passport and needs to travel home.

  • In addition to the issuance of visas and other travel documents they also scrutinize travel documents whether they are citizens or non-citizen.

  • They secure the country by securing the borders, we could call them (The customs). They make sure nobody tries to smuggle him or herself, in and out of the country without the necessary and proper documents. And by doing this, they are making sure that citizens or non-citizens are not subject to threats that might be caused by illegal immigration.

  • They render a stay permit also called a residence permit for foreigners. Not anyone can just come into the country and start living there without possessing the necessary and proper documents. With the stay permit, foreigners will have the right to live in the country without restriction. It is very compulsory and important for foreigners to hold this document for them to stay in the country.

  • They keep records and biometric data of immigrants and emigrants including citizens and non-citizens. When they do this, the records kept can be used for research purposes when it is needed.

  • In some ability, they are also charged with the duty of contributing to national stability. They do this by creating innovative ideas, creating employment opportunities, and executing law and order efficiently and effectively.

Why You Should Use Them

  1. They process the documents of citizens that want to travel. If it is done by a citizen directly, it takes a lot of time and might not be issued at the end of the day. So if you are looking for a quick way to process your traveling documents, you can go to them.

  2. They have connections on the inside that aids some of the processing of documents you need to do.

  3. They know who to go to and they also know the essential documents that would be needed.

  4. They are very fast and it is easy to get things done with them.

  5. They save you the stress of visiting the immigration office all the time. They know how to get things done.

  6. Since it is their job, they know the requirements for anything that a citizen wants to get done.

How To Get Immigration Services In Nigeria

Are you about to travel out of the country for one thing or the other or want to process some documents you would be needing? Looking for the most reliable and effective immigration services in Nigeria? Worry no more, head on to the Jiji site now and choose from the variety of services available.