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What is a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) in Nigeria?

A tall light or a high mast is a standard lighting structure with a large number of luminaires situated at varying heights to enhance night-time visibility and conspicuity. It can also be used as street furniture for displaying advertisements.

Tall lights are normally the most visible part of an advertising display. In Nigeria, they are usually known as MERCEDES BENZ LIGHTING TOWER because most people own this cars if not all. This tower can also be been seen at roadsides with advertisement from different companies, business establishments etc.

In Nigeria, this tower has been made more unique and attractive by adding murals/paintings on them which sometimes portray advertisement and others just painting and drawings without advertisement but it so unique and attracts a lot of attention. Also, some people choose to upload pictures related to their business on the light posts that's why you see pictures of Coke Studio etc.


TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) on is the latest trend in Nigeria, many people are now using this to advertise their goods and services. The TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) usually has photographs of various products like coca cola, Hi-life milk etc.

The TALL LIGHT (MERCEDES BENZ)has become a common site especially on roadsides where advertisement of different companies dominates them:the advertising of company products also includes the use of high masts with lightings and paintings of company's product logos all over it;and before I forget ,most cars owners who own Mercedes Benzs attach these things onto their cars which makes them look unique in a way.

Benefits of buying a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) on

Benefits of buying a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) on are numerous, It's very easy to erect and doesn't take much time to install it ,the TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) comes with different size depending the needs of the customer;it gives an opportunity for people who want to advertise their goods on road sides,and it has become one of the most common site in Nigeria especially at roadside.

Reasons why you should buy a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) on

Reaso ns why you should buy a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) on are many,it gives an avenue for different individuals to advertise their products from drivers who pass from that road will easily notice the product, it offer a low cost advertising which is very competitive in these days when people are used of buying expensive things and at the end they find out that the product wasn't worth it! This is not going to happen with this because most of them are affordable , it is durable and long lasting. It has been proved over time if well maintained they can last more than ten years without any problem.

How do I maintain a TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) in Nigeria?

There are quite a number of ways to maintain TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) in Nigeria ,first of all here are some things you can look for when buying this product ,go for the best quality so that it will serve you accordingly,it is advisable to buy one with warranty so that when there is any problem or defect in future you are covered.unlike other products it doesn't have moving parts hence no need for servicing,therefore avoid direct contact with water by using waterproof covers during rain seasons and always store indoors during off seasons.

It should be checked regularly after installation to ensure that all bolts are correctly tightened especially on the light fixtures .proper maintenance also ensures TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ)in Nigeria's durability,you can also make sure that the product is well installed after buying it.

After you buy TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) in Nigeria ,it is always advisable to seek the experts advice on how to maintain this product because they are the ones who know best ,if there is any problem with your TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) in Nigeria you can easily return it back for maintenance or whatever repairs needed to be done.


With the numerous benefits of the TALL LIGHT(MERCEDES BENZ) you should definitely go for it,because after reading this article I believe that you are already convinced that its great ,not only does it help in advertisement but also gives convenience to individuals especially drivers on roadsides.