Car Batteries in Nigeria

When purchasing a car, one of the most overlooked items is the car battery. If you go without an expert to help you inspect it, you might not know if something is wrong with it. Well, if you are in the market to buy a car battery, Jiji has got you covered. As on Jiji, various vendors display different brands of car batteries, both new and used ones for sale. All you have to do is pick the battery that suits your car model. Every cell comes with a period which can be prolonged if it is regularly serviced and properly maintained. There are essential things to put into consideration when in the market for a new car battery for example:

Battery Size

The same way cars come in different sizes, that is the same way batteries come in various sizes. It is typically grouped into volumes based on the width, height, and length of the cell. You can identify the right battery for your car by checking the manual of the vehicle. There are cases where you may not be able to find the manual; in that case, you can ask your mechanic for advice. The battery you end up choosing should fit into the space provided for it in the car. You should ensure that there is no extra loose space where the battery can move around and spill the battery fluid.

The Stock of The Car Battery

For new batteries built, the backup power is higher than the older versions when compared. To choose the right model and make for your car, then you check the code on the battery, where you can find the manufacturing date of the cell. You should be able to see the exact month and year it was manufactured, which can help you in discerning the maximum output of the battery.

Battery Capacity

Choose a battery with high power as that will deliver more senior capacity. Cells that have a higher capacity can work for a more extended period with proper maintenance. When you purchase a battery that has a maximum power will not undergo any form of dipping as the cell recharges faster and produces more output. To get a high capacity battery, it will cost more than getting one with a lower capacity.

Placement of The Battery Terminals

When shopping for car batteries, you should carefully note how the terminals are placed, as this plays a crucial role. If the terminals come in contact with any metallic body, or other terminals in the car engine, it can lead to a series of damages. This is why it is essential to note the positive side of the car and buy a battery that fits it.

Skip the process of moving from one stall to the other by visiting Jiji. Remember not to make any form of payment before seeing and testing the battery for yourself.

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