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Air Compressors in Nigeria

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Atlas Copco Air Compressors in Nigeria

Compressors provide airflow to all devices in the system. Air compressors operate in two stages, compression mode and discharge mode. There are two types of compressors: positive displacement and dynamic (also called centrifugal compressors).

The rate at which a compressor can deliver a volume of air is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute). As atmospheric pressure plays a role in the rate at which air enters the cylinder, CFM varies with atmospheric pressure. It varies in temperature and humidity of the air also.

Discover a wide range of economical, energy-saving, and reliable air compressors for all your low, medium, and high-pressure applications.

Atlas Copco diesel air compressor

You can choose the compressor that suits your needs from small, medium, and large air compressors. An essential companion for companies that need to take their work tools wherever they go. Wherever pressurized air is needed, compressors are optimized for easy transport and maneuverability.

Developed with the customers, you can rely on a balanced design with the most compact size and at the same time higher productivity.

They are a full range of electrically driven compressors. The emphasis on innovation has created a complete line of electric compressors. They have;

 No emissions (because there is no diesel).

 Low noise (because there is no diesel engine).

 The small and compact portable package is ready to go wherever you need compressed air.

 Full range of fixed and variable speed compressors.

Atlas Copco 5.5 HP Air Compressor

Generally designed for applications that rely on compressed air. Designed for permanent use and perfectly adapted to the market. It is a lighter option and offers easier portability. It is the perfect choice when you need higher compressed air and portability.

Feature of Atlas Copco 5.5 HP Air Compressor


5.5/4 (HP/kW)

Piston Displacement

10.6/22.4 (l/s / Cfm)

Capacity FAD

6.9/14.6 (l/s / cfm)


10 BAR 145 PSI performance

Vessel Litre



156 cm x 58 cm x 113 cm



Who should use the Atlas Copco air compressors

Air compressors account for up to 12% of total industrial energy consumption and are a silent partner for any imaginary industry. Your dentist makes use of compressors. Every cement plant, every wastewater treatment facility, and every power plant has an air compressor.

From pneumatic supplies on the production lines to spraying paint, blowing glass and thermoformed plastics, to draining the water supplied to our taps, there is a compressor that provides the compressed air we need to do almost everything we touch.

Advantages Atlas Copco air compressors

• Reliable air compressors

• Compressors with the lowest total cost of ownership

• Environmentally friendly

• Reduced operating costs

How to get Atlas Copco air compressors in Nigeria

You can always get the compressor on Jiji with ease. Simple, visit the Jiji online store to choose among varieties of models of the Atlas Copco compressor available. You can be assured of 100% premium quality and low prices.