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Classroom Teachers Wanted

Lagos, Yaba
Company Name
Job Type
Work Setup
Application Deadline
6th April, 2023
Create and distribute educational content (notes, summaries, assignments etc.) Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders and participate in regular meetings Plan and execute educational activities in-class and outdoor activities and events. Assess and record learners' progress and provide grades and feedback. Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom.
Requirements & Skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Well-organized and committed Creative and energetic Strong moral values and discipline.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Ond, nce, hnd, b.Ed, b.Sc
Minimum Experience
1 year
We are looking for a committed Teacher to complement our qualified workforce of educators.
40,000 - 50,000
Safety tips
  • Don't pay fees for applying/interviewing
  • Avoid going for an interview at an unofficial office address
  • Do your research and check info about the company
  • Never disclose personal info before you get a job offer
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