Moringa Seeds

Posted 16/06
Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria
1. It Regulates Blood Sugar Levels/Treats Diabetic.
2. It’s a Great Source of Iron.
3. It Shrinks fibroids.
4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Lipid Profiles.
5. It Induces Death of Cancer Cells.
6. Promotes Heart Health.
7. It’s a Powerhouse full of Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Properties.
8. Promotes good eyesight.
9. Protects Liver.
10. Heals Ulcer.
11. It improves fertility.
HOW TO INCORPORATE MORINGA INTO OUR MEALS: Dried Moringa Seeds can be fried in butter and have as a snack like popcorn. The fresh moringa seeds can be cooked and mixed with meals, e.g mix half a spoon into your watery foods like pap, oats or morning tea without sugar.
However, make sure you have a few seeds at a time in a day. A high dosage of moringa seeds can create an upset stomach. Moderation is key.
Moringa seeds doesn’t affect breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.
Note: Depends on the amount you want to order.
  • Moringa Seeds
  • 3000
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