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Posted Oct 4      Wuse, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria

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Archive: We install CCTV cameras for 24/7 security surveillance of homes, offices, schools, churches, farms, new construction sites to ensure nobody diverts the building materials. We offer solar power options to ensure there is 24/7 or round the clock surveillance of your target areas. You can view the areas under surveillance from anywhere using your phone, ipad or PC...<br />We also have the following e-manuals on sale for total economic emancipation:<br />1- Tilapia fish production manual<br />2- Carp fish production manual<br />3- Catfish production manual<br />4- Beef (fattening) cattle farm manual<br />5- Modern poultry manual<br />6-Building Technology manual (everything about bricks and casting works)<br />7- Goat farming manual<br />8- Computer networking manual<br />9- Solar trainer/trainee manual.<br />10- Mushroom farming manual.<br />11- Piggery manual<br />12- Grass cutter farming manual.<br />13- Rabbit farming manual.<br />14- Crayfish production manual.<br />15- Snail farming manual<br />16- Business Proposal Kit<br />17- Animal Health and Production manual<br />18- Manual of Poultry Diseases in Africa<br />19- Organic (natural) poultry farming manual<br />20- Quail farming for eggs and meat<br />21- SOFT DRINKS PRODUCTION<br />22- COMMERCIAL FRUIT JUICE PRODUCTION<br />23- Paint production manual<br />24- Bee Farming manua<br />25- WHEAT FLOUR PRODUCTION<br />26- COMMERCIAL GINGER FARMING<br />27- ONION FARMING<br />28- IRISH POTATO FARMING<br />29- MALT DRINK PRODUCTION<br />30- METHYLATED SPIRIT PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />31- ORGANIC FARMING<br />32- HOW TO INSTALL ELECTRIC FENCE<br />33- COMPUTER REPAIR MANUAL<br />34- HANDSET REPAIR MANUAL<br />35- CHALK PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />36- TOOTH PASTE PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />37- FERTILIZER PRODUCTION<br />38- MATTRESS/FOAM PRODUCTION<br />39- WASTE TO WEALTH MANUAL<br />40- ROOF TILES PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />41- CEMENT PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />42- ENGINE OIL/LUBRICANT PRODUCTION<br />43- MEDICATED POWDER PRODUCTION<br />44- SHEA BUTTER PRODUCTION<br />45- PALM KERNEL OIL PRODUCTION<br />46- VEGETABLE OIL PRODUCTION<br />47- TOMATO PASTE PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />48- BALM/RUB PRODUCTION<br />49- MOSQUITO REPELLANT PRODUCTION<br />50- FIRE-PROOF PAINT PRODUCTION<br />51- GLASS PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />52- NOODLES PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />53- YAM FLOUR PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />54- PLANTAIN FLOUR PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />55- MORRINGA/ZOGELLE TEA PRODUCTION<br />56- BIO- FUEL PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />57- CASSAVA BREAD, CAKE &amp; CHIPS PRODUCTION MANUAL<br />58- SWEET POTATO FLOUR PRODUCTION<br />59- HOW TO SELL ANYTHING MANUAL<br />60- CASSAVA FLOUR PRODUCTION<br />61- CUSTARD PRODUCTION<br />All the manuals are N5,000 each except the solar manual that is N10,000 per copy.<br />We give discounts for any order above one book as below:<br />2 books =N9,000 instead of N10,000<br />3 books=N13,000 instead of N15,000<br />4 books=N16,000 instead of N20,000<br />And more.<br />Order for the 16 ebooks for only N40,000 plus many other mind- blowing bonuses. for your orders.<br />Payment details:<br />Account details : GTBank , Solar House Systems Limited.
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