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  • Archive: Natural Beauty Capsules

Archive: Natural Beauty Capsules

Tarkwa Bay Island, Lagos State, Nigeria
Beauty Supplemets
Age Group
Archive: Norland natural b-carotene capsules<br />- rich in energy<br />- rich in protein<br />- lowers risk of weight gain<br />- fights depression<br />- protects the skin<br />- improves respiratory health<br />- treats oral leukoplakia<br />- has powerful antioxidant activity<br />- supporting healthy pregnancy<br />- source of vitamin a<br />- needed for healthy skin and good eye health and vision<br />- regulates blood sugar<br />- helps in fertility<br />- can prevent colon cancer<br />- antioxidant<br />- can prevent gall stones or gall bladded diseases<br />- reduces the chances of stroke<br />- fights stomach cancer<br />- fights against heart diseases, nerves diseases and infection<br />- the amoni acids present in them are for proper growth and development of the body<br />- protects skin: helps in maintaining the integrity of cells of the mucus membrane and the skin, this protects - them from free radicals hich cause great damage<br />- suitable for: adult who need to supplement b carotene

Lucy Jacob

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