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  • Lenovo Yoga specifications

Today's mobile-centric world imposes PC creators develop their production and adapt the demands of the market. Lenovo is one of those few brands that deals with the task with a great pride. And the Lenovo Yoga Book is quite a bright example of the statement. This is a fantastically light and thin device that is can be acquired as both a tablet and a laptop at the same time! The gadget truly looks and feels futuristic combining the advantages of both a tablet and a laptop type! There can be no doubt a Nigerian customer will adore the model! So, before you hurry to buy it from the country's most reliable online store, let's review the gadget closer.

The dimensions of the Yoga Book by Lenovo (256.0x170.8x9.6cm) indicate its compactness and hint about the convenience of its usage. The gadget features an 8500mAh battery to serve much longer than one may expect!

The screen is a 10.10-inch one with 1200x1920 res. It delivers simply fantastic viewing experience, be sure.

The hardware of the model is composed of a quad-core 2.4GHz CPU supported by 4GB of RAM memory. Accordingly, grandiose functioning is guaranteed here! The built-in storage space, meanwhile, is 64GB. Expandable storage is also available (up to 128GB), as there is a slot dedicated for a microSD card.

What concerns the camera options, here Lenovo skimped a bit. The manufacturer equipped Yoga Book with only an 8MP primary rear camera and a 2MP front one. Besides, there is no flashlight on either camera.

The gadget operates on Windows 10 OS as it was released only several months ago (September 2016).

Anyway, besides the convenient tiny size and sleek design of Lenovo Yoga, it has another characteristic that attracts users - affordable price.

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