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Essential Oils Mint Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil Rosemary Oil

Essential Oils Mint Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil Rosemary Oil

Lagos, Surulere
Body Oils
All Skin Types
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Assorted Essential oils are in stock. Mint oil 30ml Tea tree oil 30ml Carrot oil 30ml Olibanum oil 30ml Lavender oil 30ml Lemon oil 30ml Rosemary oil 30ml Chamomile oil 30ml Frankincense oil 30ml Black seed oil 60ml Avocado oil 30ml Thyme oil pumkin seed oil fennel oil 30ml, jojoba oil, clove oil, jasmine oil, Neem oil, Castor oil, Rosehip oil, Saffron oil, Turmeric oil,Sandalwood oil, Oregano oil... All is N1500 each except Black seeds oil which is N250 Order yours now via dm or Instagram @tiptop_ng or shop in-store at 11,Ogunlana Drive Surulere. #mintoil #teatreeoil #carrotoil #olibanumoil #frankincenseoil #lavenderoil #lemonoil #avocadooil #rosemaryoil #chamomileoil #blackseedsoil #essentialoils #nigeria #lagos #Surulere #tiptopng #mushin #idiaraba
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