Bio-Enzyme Toilet Treatment

Posted 01/12
Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria
Danco Energy Nigeria
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Biozyme powder - biofil digester toilet organic treatment powder
bio-toilet digest zyme powder mix from sa, very highly concentrated to burn and liquefy human waste.
2 in 1 aerobic and anaerobic chemical.
100% organic bio chemical powder for biofil, manhole, pit and other waste drainage system.
the fastest organic chemical to break human waste.
eco- friendly & biodegradable
* it is cleaner, smarter and greener.
*good for biofil toilet digesters, septic tanks, pit latrines (kvip) etc.
*no more odors* * no more flies.
*reduces level of human waste.
*no underground water contamination.
*it makes toilet odorless and does not attract flies.
*this product is a superior aerobic & anaerobic bacteria selected for their ability to digest, liquefy & degrade human waste.
*if you put bio-zyme powder in a w/c and flush into your biofil toilet digester chamber, it will burn and liquefies human waste, so the digester will always be empty and clean
  • Bio-Enzyme Toilet Treatment
  • Bio-Enzyme Toilet Treatment
  • Bio-Enzyme Toilet Treatment
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