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  • Archive: Bible Facts And Figures

Archive: Bible Facts And Figures

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Archive: Bible the name of the bible. Biblos gr was the name given to the inner bark of<br />papyrus which was used as we now use writing paper, hence the papyrus when written<br />upon came to be called biblos, and from the word biblion, a papyrus roll, comes our<br />word bible<br />other names:<br />scriptures. The term simply means, &#34;the writings&#34; from the latin word &#34;scribere to<br />write.<br />The law and the prophets. The first name expresses the fact that the bible contains<br />god&#39;s law to man, and second that conjoined with the law were prophets concerning<br />times to come.<br />The oracles. The word signifies things spoken (from latin word orave) to speak.<br />Many things in the bible has a &#34;thus saith the lord before them.<br />The old and the new testaments, covenants would better express the meaning. The<br />two great divisions of the bible contain god&#39;s covenant with man.<br />God&#39;s word so called because the bible expresses god&#39;s thought toward man.<br />The canon “canon” means a rule or standard, and was in early christians times<br />applied to the

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