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Posted Jun 13      Owerri North, Imo State, Nigeria

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Archive: Module 1: WordPress Overview<br /> What is WordPress?<br /> The Difference Between and<br /><br /> Features of WordPress<br />Module 2: Installing WampServer/XamppServer<br /> What is the Localhost?<br /> Understanding WampServer/XamppServer<br /> Installing WampServer/XamppServer<br /> Editing the Configuration File<br /> Activating the Rewrite Module<br /> Activating cURL<br />Module 3: Configuring WordPress<br /> Creating a Database<br /> Creating a Website Folder<br /> Copying the WordPress Files and Folders<br /> Configuring WordPress<br />Module 4: The WordPress Interface<br /> Login to the Dashboard<br /> The Notion of the Dashboard<br /> Changing the Dashboard Palette Colour<br /> Opening a New Tab For Your Website<br /> The Toolbar<br /> The Screen Options<br /> Expanding or Collapsing the Modules<br /> Collapsing the Menu<br />Module 5: Changing WordPress Settings<br /> Changing the E-mail Address<br /> Changing the Timezone<br />Module 6: About Plugins<br /> What is a Plugin?<br /> Where to Find Plugins<br /> Downloading a Plugin<br /> Installing a Plugin<br /> Updating a Plugin<br /> Uninstalling a Plugin<br />Module 7: The Add New Page Screen<br /> Toggling the Toolbar<br /> Switching Between Visual and Text Editors<br /> Adding Buttons to the Editor Toolbar<br />Module 8: Creating Web Pages<br /> Uploading Images &amp; Files<br /> Viewing All the Pages<br /> Deleting a Page<br /> Undeleting a Page<br /> Adding Pages<br /> Inserting Images<br />Module 9: Creating a Menu<br /> Creating a New Menu<br /> Adding Pages to the Menu<br /> Adding a Custom Link Menu Item<br /> Re-Arranging Menu Items<br /> Setting the Menu Location<br /> Removing a Menu Item<br /> Setting the Home Page<br />Module 10: Inserting Hyperlinks<br /> Inserting a Hyperlink to Download a File<br /> Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website<br /> Inserting a Hyperlink to an Internal Page<br /> Inserting a Hyperlinked E-mail Address<br /> Removing a Hyperlink<br />Module 11: Themes and Appearance<br /> What is a Theme?<br /> Where to Find Free Themes<br /> Viewing Themes<br /> Changing the Theme<br /> Installing a Downloaded Theme<br /> Updating a Theme<br /> Deleting a Theme<br />Module 12: About Widgets and Sidebars<br /> What is a Widget?<br /> What is a Sidebar?<br /> Adding/Removing Widgets<br /> Using the Text Widget to Add Text<br /> Using the Text Widget to Add Images<br />Module 13: About Shortcodes<br /> What is a Shortcode?<br /> How to Use a Shortcode<br />Module 14: Adding a Photo Gallery<br /> Installing a Plugin<br /> Creating the Photo Gallery<br /> Adding the Shortcode to a Page<br />Module 15: Creating a Contact Form<br /> Installing a Plugin<br /> Adding a Shortcode to a Page<br />Module 16: Creating an Online Form<br /> Generating Google Keys for reCAPTCHA<br /> Adding the Google Keys to Contact Form 7<br /> Creating an Online Form<br /> Creating a Text Field<br /> Creating an E-Mail Field<br /> Creating a Radio Button Field<br /> Creating a Checkbox Field<br /> Creating a Drop-Down Field<br /> Adding a reCAPTCHA<br /> Adding a Submit Button<br /> Configuring the E-mail Message Body<br /> Creating an Autoresponder<br /> Adding the Shortcode to a Page<br /> Adding the Page to the Menu<br /> Installing a Plugin to Save Information to a Database<br />Module 17: Inserting an Image Slider<br /> Installing an Image Slider Plugin<br /> Creating a Slideshow<br /> Adding a Slideshow to a Page<br /> Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar<br />Module 18: Inserting A Google Map<br /> Using Google Code to Add a Map<br /> Using a Plugin to Add a Google Map<br />Module 19: Adding Social Media Buttons<br /> Uploading the Images<br /> Applying Hyperlinks<br /> Placing it on a Sidebar<br /> Using a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons<br /> Using the Theme to Add Social Media Buttons<br />Module 20: WordPress Web Security<br /> Using an Extension to Implement Security<br /> Using Strong Passwords<br /> Changing the Admin User<br /> Keeping WordPress &amp; Plugins &amp; Themes up to Date<br /> Avoiding Free Themes<br /> Making Regular Backups<br />Module 21: Backing Up the Website<br /> Installing a Plugin<br /> Creating a Backup<br /> Locating the Backup<br />Module 22: Making the Website Live (Demo)<br /> Uploading the Files<br /> Creating a Database, User and Password<br /> Restoring the Backup<br />Module 23: STUDENT PROJECT<br /> Build an e-commerce website<br /> Build a social media website<br /> Build a professional blog site<br />Module 24: Registering and Hosting a Website (Final Project)<br /> Domain Names<br /> Registering a Domain<br /> Hosting a Domain<br /> Hosting Options<br /> The Steps to Register a Domain<br /> Signing Up for Domain/Website Hosting<br /> Changing the Nameserver<br />Module 25: Using Filezilla to Upload or Download<br />Files<br /> About Filezilla<br /> Installing Filezilla<br /> Starting Filezilla<br /> Connecting to the Server<br /> Downloading or Uploading Files


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