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Posted Jun 13      Owerri North, Imo State, Nigeria

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Archive: Course Outline<br />Module 1: Setup and Configure WordPress<br />Section 1: Understanding the Downloads Website<br />Section 2: Uploading Your WordPress Files via FTP<br />Section 3: Installing WordPress<br />Section 4: Logging into Your Dashboard<br />Module 2: Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates<br />Section 1: Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates Screen<br />Section 2: Understanding Version, Release and Modification Updates<br />Section 3: Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility<br />Section 4: Upgrading to the Latest WordPress Release<br />Module 3: Creating and Administering Posts<br />Section 1: Setting Up Categories and Tags<br />Section 2: Understanding Title and Content Areas<br />Section 3: Configuring the Publish Area<br />Section 4: Setting the Featured Image<br />Module 4: Creating and Administering Pages<br />Ssection 1: Differences between Pages and Posts<br />Section 2: Creating Your Basic Website Pages<br />Section 3: Using HTML to Extend Page Content<br />Module 5: Creating and Administering Menus<br />Section 1: Creating Your First Menu<br />Section 2: Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu<br />Section 3: Enabling Advanced Menu Options<br />Section 4: Adding Custom Links to Your Menu<br />Module 6: Configuring Website Settings<br />Section 1: Configuring General Settings<br />Section 2: Configuring Reading Settings<br />Section 3: Configuring Permalinks<br />Module 7: Media Library<br />Section 1: Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings<br />Section 2: Understanding WordPress Image File Creation<br />Section 3: Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure<br />Section 4: Uploading and Managing Media Files<br />Module 8: Theme Installation and Configuration<br />Section 1: Choosing a Theme<br />Section 2: Installing and Configuring a Theme<br />Section 3: Switching Between Themes<br />Section 4: Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme<br />Module 9: Understanding Plugins and Widgets<br />Section 1: Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins<br />Section 2: Installing and Configuring a Form Plugin<br />Section 3: Installing and Configuring a Media Library Plugin<br />Section 4: Installing and Configuring a Backup Plugin<br />Section 5: Installing and Configuring an SEO Plugin<br />Module 10: Administering User Accounts<br />Section 1: Understanding the Built-in User Accounts<br />Section 2: Setting Up User Security<br />Section 3: Installing and Configuring a User Management Plugin<br />Section 4: Merging and Deleting User Accounts<br />Module 11: Comments and Discussions<br />Section 1: Understanding the Comments Dashboard Settings<br />Section 2: Setting Up and Commenting User Options<br />Section 3: Administering Website Comments<br />Module 12: Additional Plugins<br />Section 1: Installing and Configuring a Social Media Plugin<br />Section 2: Installing and Configuring a Form to Database Capture Plugin<br />Section 3: Installing and Configuring an E-commerce Plugin<br />Module 13: Student Final Project<br />Section 1:Build an e-commerce website<br />Section 2: Build a social media website<br />Section 3: Build a professional blog site


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