Archive: Microsoft Word Private Tutor (Basic To Advanced) View Course Outline

Posted Jun 13      Owerri North, Imo State, Nigeria

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Archive: Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft word<br /> Lauching Word and touring the interface<br /> Opening, closing and reading documents<br /> Using the new bookmark feature<br /> Creating new documents with templates<br /> Saving documents<br /> Opening and editing PDF documents<br /> Printing documents<br />Module 2: Editing Text<br /> Inserting new text<br /> Selecting text with the mouse or keyboard<br /> Rearranging text with Cut, Copy and Paste<br /> Finding and replacing text<br /> Undoing and redoing actions<br />Module 3: Formatting Text<br /> Introduction to fonts<br /> Choosing the right font and font style<br /> Changing text case<br /> Adding pizzazz with special text effects<br />Module 4: Using Paragraph Formatting<br /> Changing paragraph alignment and justification<br /> Adjusting line spacing<br /> Keeping text together across page breaks<br /> Applying paragraph shading and borders<br /> Using tab stops and indents<br />Module 5: Formatting Pages<br /> Changing page size, margins and orientation<br /> Using headers, footers and page numbers<br /> Organizing a document with sections<br /> Adding page backgrounds, borders and watermarks<br />Module 6: Formatting Efficiently with Styles and Themes<br /> Applying a theme to a document<br /> Applying Quick Styles to text<br /> Creating your own Quick Styles<br /> Restricting formatting to a selection of styles<br />Module 7: Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists<br /> Creating a bulleted or numbered list<br /> Changing the format of a bulleted or numbered list<br /> Creating levels in a list<br /> Creating a multilevel list with styles<br />Module 8: Working with Tables<br /> Creating new tables from scratch<br /> Converting existing text to a table<br /> Formatting table appearance<br /> Using Quick Tables<br /> Adding and removing columns and rows<br /> Sorting data in a table<br /> Merging and splitting cells<br /> Converting a table to text<br /> Inserting an Excel table<br />Module 9: Illustrating Your Documents<br /> Illustrating with pictures, shapes and clip art<br /> Positioning and cropping graphics<br /> Using a table to organize text and graphics<br /> Applying special effects to graphics<br /> Adjusting photos in a document<br /> Illustrating with WordArt<br /> Inserting online video into a document<br /> Diagraming with SmartArt<br /> Inserting screenshots<br /> Inserting a chart<br />Module 10: Using Macros and Building Blocks<br /> Creating a macro<br /> Finding and running a macro<br /> Editing a macro<br /> What are building blocks<br /> Creating and saving Quick Parts<br />Module 11: Proofing Your Documents<br /> Checking spelling and grammar<br /> Setting proofing and autocorrect options<br /> Using the thesaurus, research and translation tools<br />Module 12: Reviewing Documents with Others<br /> Inserting and reviewing comments<br /> Tracking changes and showing markup<br /> Comparing and combining documents<br />Module 13: Sharing Documents with Others<br /> Getting documents ready for sharing<br /> Saving documents to SkyDrive<br /> Sending documents via email<br /> Password protecting a document<br /> Restricting editing for part or all of a document<br /> Restricting editing for part or all of a document<br />Module 14: Customizing Word<br /> Changing general settings<br /> Changing advanced settings<br /> Customizing the Ribbon<br /> Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar<br />Module 15: Review and Exercises


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