Archive: Microsoft Private Tutor (Basic To Advanced) View Course Outline

Posted Jun 13      Owerri North, Imo State, Nigeria

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Archive: Module 1: Getting Started<br /> Explore three common uses of excel<br /> Touring the interface<br /> Finding the commands you need<br /> Using the backstage view or the file tab<br /> Maintaining the compatibility<br />Module 2: Worksheet Basics<br /> Creating a worksheet<br /> Techniques for copying and pasting<br /> Entering data automatically with Auto Fill<br /> Targeting large data groups<br /> Changing a worksheet&#39;s structure<br />Module 3: Excel Formula Basics<br /> Understanding formulas and functions<br /> Entering data in a worksheet<br /> Adding numbers manually<br /> Adding numbers using Sum and AutoSum<br /> Adding a whole worksheet<br /> Working with numbers in columns<br /> Preventing errors using absolute references<br /> Working with times and dates<br /> Using IF<br /> Using SUMIF and AVERAGEIF<br /> Naming and using cell ranges<br />Module 4: Essential Formatting<br /> Formatting numbers and dates<br /> Applying fonts, backgrounds colors and borders<br /> Adjusting columns, rows and text<br /> Using conditional formatting<br /> Using custom conditional formatting<br /> Adding pictures and shapes<br />Module 5: Advanced Formatting<br /> Inserting SmartArt<br /> Coodinating a look using themes<br /> Applying built-in styles<br /> Creating and sharing styles<br /> Using templates<br /> Creating and using original templates<br />Module 6: Printing Preparation<br /> Making the pieces fit<br /> Inserting headers and footers<br /> Printing and PDFs<br />Module 7: Large Excel Projects<br /> Finding and replacing data<br /> Freezing panes<br /> Repeating row and column titles<br /> Creating multiple custom worksheet views<br /> Hiding or grouping rows and columns<br /> Managing worksheets<br /> Calculating formulas across worksheets<br /> Consolidating result in a single output<br />Module 8: Collaborating with Others<br /> Importing and exploring data in Excel<br /> Setting workbook permissions<br /> Inserting and editing comments<br /> Sharing a workbook<br /> Tracking changes<br /> Saving files in shared locations<br />Module 9: Exploring Excel&#39;s Database Features<br /> Splitting cell data into multiple cells<br /> Joining data from multiple cells<br /> Basic and multi-field sorting<br /> Using tables to sort and filter data<br /> Inserting automatic subtotals.<br /> Creating lookup tables<br />Module 10: Analyzing Data<br /> Using auditing to diagram<br /> Using evaluation in Excel<br /> Working with Goal Seek<br /> Using data tables in formulas<br /> Using scenarios in formulas<br /> Exploring the Analysis ToolPack<br />Module 11: Advanced Analysis with PivotTables<br /> Discovering PivotTables<br /> Creating a basic PivotTable<br /> Modifying a PivotTable<br /> Creating and modifying a PivotTable<br />Module 12: Creating and Using Charts<br /> Choosing chart types<br /> Inserting Sparklines<br /> Creating a column chart<br /> Modifying a column chart<br /> Creating and modifying a pie chart<br /> Placing charts into other office applications<br />Module 13: Creating and Using Macros<br /> Understanding macros<br /> Recording and using a simple macro<br /> Editing a macro<br />Module 14: Customizing<br /> Customizing the Quick Access toolbar<br /> Customizing the Ribbon bar<br /> Setting options<br />Module 15: Exercises and Review

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