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  • Archive: Norland Kuding Tea Natural Way Of Weight Management

Archive: Norland Kuding Tea Natural Way Of Weight Management

Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria
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Archive: Norland Kudin Tea, the herbal and natural way of Slimming your body, manage your blood cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure.<br />*HEALTH WAY KUDING TEA*<br />China is the origin of tea culture. Tea has a history of 5,000 years in China.<br />As ancients saying goes _tea is a catholicon for all ills, people will have everything to gain and nothing to lose._<br />*Three in One*<br />- To refresh mind<br />- Nurse health<br />- Prolong life<br />*Health benefits*<br />1. Prolong life<br />2. Coordinating intestines and stomach<br />3. Losing weight and sliming<br />4. Preventing cancer<br />5. Adjusting three high.<br />6. Stops chronic coughs<br />7. Stop arthritis, waist pain, joint and ankle pain, back pain etc<br />*KUDING TEA is good for*<br />- fatigable people<br />- slimming needed people<br />- three-high people<br />- beauty desired people<br />- people in sub-health<br />- advanced age people<br />*REPUTATION OF KUDING TEA*<br />- health preserving tea<br />- ageing preventing tea<br />- hairdressing tea<br />- slimming tea<br />- blood pressure reducing tea<br />*Ingredients and functions*<br />*KUDING*<br />The modern clinic investigation showed us that KUDING tea could remove heat and clear toxin, diminish inflammation and kill bacteria, stop coughing and remove phiegm, strengthen the function of stomach and increase digest, refresh people&#39;s mind, defend cancer, decrease blood pressure, hemoglobin and cholesterol. It is a kind of natural and multifunctional refreshment.<br />*DARK TEA*<br />Dark tea can significantly help to Antioxidant, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fatness, reduce blood sugar. It helps with diuretic detoxification, anti-radiation, diminish inflammation.<br />*LOTUS LEAF*<br />Reduce heart fire, spleen fire and lung fire, clear heat and refresh mind, lower blood pressure, promote diuresis.
  • Archive: Norland Kuding Tea Natural Way Of Weight Management

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