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Posted Jul 24      Ojodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Archive: SWISSGARDE STRESS ACTIVE.<br />Stress active as the name implies, takes care of stress, both mental and physical stress. Stress active has been d No 1 stress management supplement in Nigeria as Awarded and endorsed by NAFDAC till date<br />Stress active is a comprehensive multivitamin with 18 Amino acids and Ginseng<br />Our body needs 20 amino acids to function properly and swissgarde stress active is giving us 18<br />The body requires about 20 amino acids to function.<br />Therefore those u cannot manufacture you must include in your diet or risk a PROTEIN DEFFICIENCY<br />That is why swissgarde stress active is a very good multivitamin<br />So out of the 20 amino acids in your body&#39;s protein, nine are essential to your diet because your cells cannot manufacture them<br />Those essential amino acids are<br />Histidine<br />Isoleucine<br />Threonine<br />Leucine<br />Lysine<br />Methionine<br />Tryptophan<br />Valine<br />Phenilalanine<br />The remaining are non essential and they are<br />Alanine<br />Aaparagine<br />Aspartic acid<br />Arginine<br />Lysteine<br />Glutamine<br />Serine<br />Proline<br />Tyrosine<br />Glycine<br />Amino acids are very important in our body.<br />Proteins are what make up your<br />muscles<br />Ligaments<br />Organs<br />Tendons<br />Tissues<br />Glands<br />Nails<br />Hairs<br />Almost all parts of your body is made up of proteins<br />BENEFITS OF SWISSGARDE STRESS ACTIVE<br />It takes care of mental and physical stress<br />Provides stamina<br />Is an energy booster<br />Very good for smokers<br />Protects the lungs<br />Prevents nervous tension<br />Releives and prevents migraine<br />Good for epilepsy<br />Protects our body from infection<br />Protecting and enhancing the normal well being of the body<br />Is an antioxidant and protects the cells from damage<br />Helps the retina formation required for low light and colour vision<br />Helps maintain normal growth<br />Blocks damages caused by free radicals thus heals wounds<br />Slows down processes that damage cells<br />Help red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the whole body

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