• Fruitamin Soap

Fruitamin Soap

Posted 20/04
Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria
This awesome soap contains extracts of vitamins which are formulated to 10 times more whitening strength. ten natural ingredients are fused together into five colours. fruitamin 10-in-1 soap are made with a mixture of gluta + fruit + vitamin extract designed to help the skin in a number of ways.
5 colours that integrate the entire content which is concentrated from natural extracts to help nourish the skin and brightens up skin. there are 10 types of fruits in 1 soap:
tomatoes: lycopene, pinkish glow.
orange: vitamin c concentrations, for a fresh new face.
kiwi: anti-oxidant.
mulberry: full range of berries vitamins.
banana: soft, smooth skin and reduces inflammation.
grapes: firming and anti-aging.
pomegranate: anti-oxidant and bleaching.
lemon: reduces acne.
tamarind: reduces stretch-marks and scars.
apple: maintain freshness and healthy skin.
not only you will see results after using for the first time. fruitamin whitening soap is refreshing, it can be used as a face wash, used as a bleach, wonderfully fragrant, and it can truly softens your skin!
directions: clean your face and body regularly every morning using fruitamin. rinse using cold or lukewarm water.
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