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  • Archive: Cure for Liver Disease

Archive: Cure for Liver Disease

Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria
Health Plus
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Archive: GI vital &amp; hypoglycemic herbal!<br />These combination has proven to be the most effective remedy for hepatitis &amp; any liver disease, these are Norland products.<br />Hypoglycemic herbal capsules:<br />Helps prevent chemical liver damage, strengthen detoxification function of liver &amp; helps fight the disease that causes hepatitis.<br />Hypoglycemic herbal caps is used for auxiliary protective function for chemical liver injury. It supplies the liver the key micro nutrients it needs for stability and optimal functioning.<br />GI capsules:<br />GI Vital capsule provides regenerative nutrients to the GI tract to stimulate self-healing of the body via cultivation of stem cells. Reduces or eliminates scarring of the GI lining to promote efficient absorption of nutrients and prevent relapse of GI disorders<br />Applications:<br />– promoting regeneration and health of normal cells in the body<br />– Reducing the level of the hepatitis to 0.00%...<br />call me now for more details... Norland products works 100% total herbal, no side effect.


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