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  • Archive: Dispatch Riders wanted

Archive: Dispatch Riders wanted

Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria
Company Name
Job Type
Application Deadline
1. Ability to take care of a motorcycle 2. Ability to be smart on the job 3. Ability to be quick on deliveries 4. Responsible to make sales as quickly as possible 5. Responsible for meeting expectations of customers
1. Must have over 3 years dispatch riding experience 2. Must be hardworking and serious 3 . Must be able to communicate in English and local language easily 4. Must be ready to work 5. Must be ready to take responsibility in meeting the company objectives
Requirements and Skills
-No qualifications requirement, just know how to dispatch goods
Minimum Qualification Requirements
3 years
Minimum Experience
₦ 40,000 - 50,000
Archive: The company needs six dispatch riders to ride our newly purchased bikes, for the purpose of dispatch, to be pick up goods and deliver them quickly to the locations specified for each given tasks. The rider must be very conversant with the Island and its immediate environs.

Daniel Audu

Last seen 1 day ago

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