Tecno Y2 in Nigeria

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Tecno Y2 is an exotic phone to use. Shop for phones online in Nigeria on Jiji. With the platform Jiji, you can purchase your phone from the comfort of your home. By simply searching for what device you want, you are offered multiple choices you can browse through and select. Here are some precautionary steps to follow when meeting with a vendor to purchase your Tecno y2 device:

Meet in Public

It is advisable to meet with any online vendor in a public place rather than shady areas. When setting up the meeting point to inspect the device, set the place in a public open setting during the day time. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of both yourself and the vendor.


The price of the phone should be settled before you set up the location to inspect the phone. You do not want to go and meet the vendor and then disagree about the price upon meeting. Make sure the vendor specifies to you how much the y2 device costs and a price is settled upon. Do not make any form of payment before seeing and inspecting your device. You do not want to make payments, and at the end of the day, you are not satisfied with the final purchase.

Do Not Disclose Personal Information

In as much as you want to relate with the vendor, do not give out any personal information of yours. Your card details or where you reside is not essential when it comes to purchasing a phone. Be cautious when interacting with vendors online just to be safe.

Get a Receipt

Try to get a detailed receipt from the seller that specifies the gadget purchased and how much was paid for it. This is essential for record purposes. Proof of the purchase made can help with the warranty in case any goes wrong with the gadget when you get home, and you need to swap it for another or have it fixed.

Do not forget to follow the precautionary steps above when it comes to purchasing a device online. Go on Jiji today and shop for anything you want and enjoy great deals.

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