Tecno L9 Plus in Nigeria

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Shopping for gadgets online in Nigeria has been made easy with Jiji. Prices vary depending on whether you want to buy a used or new phone and how much you are willing to spend. Visit the Jiji website today to access exciting deals and buy the Tecno l9 plus at cheap rates. Jiji gives a platform for buyers and sellers to interact easier and in a safe environment. The following tips should help you when it comes to shopping for a phone online:

Know Where to Purchase From

Knowing where to purchase your gadget is a step in the right direction when it comes to shopping online. With outstanding customer reviews on Jiji, you are sure you are in safe hands when it comes to finding gadgets for sale online.

Have a Target

Having a specific target phone to buy makes your shopping experience much faster. Know the device you want to buy before you start searching. If you need the Tecno l9 plus, then clearly specify it when searching so you can be shown results pertaining to your need.

Outrageous Prices

Outrageous in the sense that the price seems too good to be true. Before you start shopping, it is wise to have a general idea of how much the used l9 plus typically costs. This way, when you see prices that are too low, you should be wary as something may be wrong with the gadget.

Meet The Vendor

Meeting the vendor is a crucial step when it comes to sealing a deal that started online. Always set the meeting point to be in public places rather than shady areas. This way, you are assured of the safety of both you and the seller. Meet in an open, comfortable place where you can inspect the l9 plus without any intrusions.


You should discuss with the seller if it will be possible to swap your current phone and a specific extra amount for the l9 plus. This way you skip the stress of looking for someone to buy your device and get a new phone in the process.


Check the period of warranty the device comes with. Seeing as it is not a new device, the warranty period will be shorter than when it is a new phone. Be sure to discuss with the dealer about any form of warranty that comes with the Tecno l9 plus so you have a safety net for a specified period.

There is nothing excessive when it comes to taking safety precautions with an online trader. Enjoy shopping on Jiji today, and stay safe.

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